With pure water becoming more and more scarce due to contamination and erratic supply, the need for a water purifier helps not only in ensuring the purity of the water but also acts as a storage particularly during the onset of summer season. Water purifiers are of different makes and models. As a result, the right selection for personal use may seem to be a bit confusing.

This is particularly when sales representatives resort to hard selling techniques to sell their wares. They are broadly classified into UV, UF, RO and even carbon water purifiers. Some of the questions that immediately come to our mind is with respect to selection of the accurate water purifier, how to operate it and the ones that are best suited for soft and hard water.

Water purifiers play a crucial role in safeguarding the overall health of a family. Constant intake of contaminated water could lead to waterborne diseases. We shall be discussing in detail some of the frequently asked questions on water purifiers shortly.

One of the major benefits of purchasing a water purifier is that it prevents waterborne diseases that might be caused due to contaminated water. The presence of chlorine and calcium carbonate in the tap water can be extracted with the help of a water purifier.

Top 10 Water Purifiers in India – 2019

Below are the Top 10 water purifiers on the market, based on online reviews, features, budget and performance analysis.

1.Kent Grand-8-Litres-Wall-Mountable-Water-Purifier

Grand-8-Litres-Wall-Mountable-Water-Purifier is a product of Kent, which does not appear to be worth price owing to its poor customer services. In addition, there are certain issues pertaining to the product like water leaking from the lower part of the tank. The concerned technician is charging heavy service cost despite free services for four years.

Another major drawback is that product requires filter replacement once in eight months and they charge a huge amount for it. One of the customers recommended paying close attention to the TDS metre brought by the technician. It is imperative to ensure optimum water quality.

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2.Eureka-Forbes-Aquaguard-Smart-Plus Water Purifier

Eureka-Forbes-Aqua guard-Smart-Plus is one of the suggested products of Eureka Forbes since it is quite easy to operate. It features Auto-Stop, which functions effectively. The installation process was quick. Nevertheless, one of the problems related to Eureka-Forbes-Aqua guard-Smart-Plus is that it requires a booster pump, which is expensive. The photograph of the product seems to mislead the guests.

The overall taste and quality is impressive. One of the customers complained about water leaking from the tank within four months. The product was delivered on time. However, the after-sales support is not satisfactory according to a customer of Eureka Forbes.

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3.Kent-Grand-8-Litre-Controller Water Purifier

Kent-Grand-8-Litre-Controller Water Purifier has plenty of issues with respect to installation. The concerned service person mounted purifier on the bolts without adjusting TDS. Technician failed to install the pre-filter and monitor the water quality. He did not even mention about the draining process of water from the tank.

Some of the other problems is the broken washer. However, the technician of KENT recommended replacing the whole pipe. If in case the TDS of this water purifier have exceeded above 2000, it is better to seek advice of a professional to resolve it and request them to keep track of the TDS.

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4.Blue-Star-AR4BLAM01-7-Litre Water Purifier

One of the customers mentioned that upon calling the 24/7 customer service of Blue Star, a message was sent to their mobile with concerned person's name and phone number. It is not worth the price due to its poor functioning. It is highly recommended to inspect the water TDS prior to purchase of water purifier.

The customer service of Blue Star is exceptional since the product was delivered on time. It is a sleek and trendy product, which does not consume space. The customer does have option to pick suitable color of their choice for example, black.

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5.KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent Maxx-7-Litres-Purifier-detachable-storage have multiple issues with respect to its operation, filter etc. This product functions effectively for a period of twelve months and stops working. The concerned technician examined the product and suggested to replace components like filters, power supply except for the UV filer lamp.

The customer has given two star rating for this product, as it is simple and extremely easy to operate. The overall customer service is remarkable. The installation was executed on time and they guaranteed exceptional customer services as well. The overall capacity of this product is seven litres and purification capacity is one litre.

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6.Havells Max RO UV Water Purifier

Havells Max Water-Purifier is an exceptional product which maintains the PH levels. One of the customers complained about the reduction in TDS levels. A major setback is with respect to maintenance expenses. It is very high when compared some of the renowned brands.

They offer top notch services. This product does not require pre-filter. It comprises of seven stages in water purification process. The overall TDS level is displayed followed by installation of the product. Customers seek support of the customer care when there were issues regarding RO. The response time is quick. It is one of the recommended products.

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7.HUL-WCRO200-5-Litre-Advanced Water Purifier

HUL-WCRO200-5-Litre-Advanced Water Purifier is a product which produces noise much above the accepted level when mounted. Despite repeated complaint calls, the service is very poor. One of them complained found problems related to water leaks. They gave 0 stars rating due to below average customer service.

The absence of additional pre-filter is another major setback of this product. The storage capacity is low when compared to other brands. The installation service is free as mentioned by the manufacturer. The company has offered a one year warranty on this product. It uses RO+MF water purification with a capacity of about five litres.

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8.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

Eureka-Forbes-Aqua guard-Crystal-Purifier encounters problems with respect to water leaks. Even though product is worth the price, it has a very poor customer service. One of the customers does not recommend this product to anyone.

The type of tank is food grade plastic with one year warranty. If it does not match needs and expectations of an individual, they could claim for full refund within period of ten days. It is a UV water purifier that is ideal for water with a good TDS level. Another major highlight with respect to this product is that it does not taste salty.

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9.AO-Smith-Z8-10-Litre Water Purifier

AO-Smith-Z8-10-Litre Water Purifier is indeed one of the best products introduced by AO Smith. They guarantee excellent customer service since the products are delivered at the customer's doorstep on time. The concerned technicians of the company are very co-operative and educated.

It claims to be the only product that supplies hot water. Ensure that the tank is filled in order to acquire water at a desired temperature. You can adjust the water temperature ranging between 45 and 80. It features LED that keeps track of the current temperature. While pressing the hot button coil begins to heat up with three beeps.

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10.Blue-Star-Majesto-MA4BSAM02 Water Purifier

Blue-Star-Majesto-MA4BSAM02-Purifier boasts of its top notch customer service. It is an ideal water purifier that syncs well with the ultra modular kitchen. The overall design quality is remarkable and installation process is quick. This product features a child lock that averts spillover.

One of the customers said they would definitely recommend this unique product. However, one of the drawbacks of this product is the absence of pump in order to draw the water. The Blue Star Company has offered a one year warranty on this product. It is currently available in black as well as silver colors.

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Which are the different types of water purifiers?

You may consider procuring a RO water purifier if the water is found to be hard. If the level of water pollution is extreme, you may go for a UV water purifier. Households with hard water and high levels of pollution could opt for a UF water purifier. Today, there are numerous water purifiers stocked in market that are exclusively meant for domestic purposes.

However, each one is designed accordingly to match a particular need like water types and overall level of contamination. The best criteria for selecting a water purifier is to ensure whether it fulfills requirements such as water type, level of contamination in your area.

1.RO Water purifier

The RO Water purifier is able to remove the hidden impurities like high levels of sodium content and arsenic. This is possible because water is made to pass through the RO membrane under high pressure resulting in producing purified water.

2.UV water purifiers

UV water purifier takes advantage of a high powered 11W UV lamp and ultra violet rays to terminate microorganisms, viruses that might lead to water borne diseases. One of the benefits with respect to a UV water purifier is that it is useful in killing microorganisms and pathogens. Its process does not involve converting hard water to soft water.

3.UF water purifier

UF water purifier does not require electricity and chemicals to operate. It harnesses fiber membrane enabling the water to pass through it thereby retaining the impurities. However, a major setback is its inability to eliminate pathogens and micro organisms.

4.Activated carbon water filter

An activated carbon water filter which functions without electricity has the capacity to kill bacteria, virus and other contaminants present in the tap water. It contains charcoal granules which facilitate the filtering of herbicides and pesticides.

The effectiveness of the activated carbon water filter is due to its porosity. It eliminates chlorine by seeping through carbon granules thereby increasing its taste and eliminating putrid smell.

Which are the various types of impurities commonly found in drinking water?

Impurities found in drinking water include high levels of calcium, bacteria, viruses and industrial affluence etc. In general, water sourced from rainwater, rivers and lakes have a very low TDS when compared to water generated from bore well. 'TDS' refers to Total Dissolved Solids.

Ground water tends to have a very high TDS due to the presence of harmful chemicals such as arsenic, lead etc. On the other hand, water preserved in tanks is vulnerable to contamination if the tanks are not cleansed properly or damaged pipes.

Which are different types of water?

Water can be categorized into soft and hard water. Its level of hardness is gauged in Parts per Million (PPM). Water containing a TDS value ranging from 150-300 ppm is regarded as soft water. If the TDS value exceeds 300 ppm, it is determined to be hard water.

Examples of hard water include water drawn directly from bore wells, underground water or delivered via tanker Lorries. The presence of fluoride, heavy metals and arsenic is very high. Soft water is normally generated from lakes, rain water harvesting and municipality.

Which is the recommended water purifier to remove hard water?

The notion that hard water is responsible for causing health hazards to human beings is a myth that has not been substantiated.

Researchers of National Research Council, United States have unraveled the strange fact that hard water can be a supplement for magnesium and calcium. RO water purifier is helpful in eliminating bad impurities.

Occasions when RO water purifiers are needed

Whenever the contamination is due to fluoride, arsenic or lead, it is only in such occasions RO water purifier are useful. Scout for a reliable laboratory if you intend to measure the level of contamination in water.

Occasions when UV water purifiers are required

UV water purifier is ideal for killing water borne communicable diseases. If it is compounded by arsenic, fluoride or lead content, then it is safe to use RO-UV water purifier.

When can gravity water purifiers be used?

If your house does not have running water or electricity, the best solution would be to install gravity water purifier as it works without electricity or running water supply. This is particularly useful when you have to constantly relocate and have difficulty in getting the services of a technician. This is made even more attractive due to its affordable budget of Rs.4000.

Installation and price of a water purifier

When installing water purifiers, you have to identify a suitable location with access to electricity and water supply. The estimated price of RO and UV water purifiers range from Rs.6000 to Rs.20, 000.