Intense Cardio Workout Tips

Cardio workouts are certainly a great way to burn calories and in turn lose body fat. Of course it takes more than just working out to lose weight, you also need to have a balanced diet that consists of the right amount of nutrients the body needs. An intense cardio workout can burn more calories in a shorter space of time than a normal cardio workout.

So what is an intense cardio workout?

The difference is that an intense workout will be a shorter one but you’ll work your body harder during that time. So you will go as hard and fast as you can whether you are rowing, cycling or running.

You can of course make it an interval training exercise where you go intense for a few minutes then revert back to normal. That is up to you and your current fitness level. The main thing is to at least go hard and fast for a duration of your workout. That really kicks the body into gear and boosts the metabolism. It is at that point the body will start using some of your stored fat and you’ll begin to lose weight.

You can do an intense cardio workout using several different exercises as mentioned above. Rowing and stair climbing are very effective. Rowing works the legs and upper body and stair climbing works the legs and lower body. When you work your legs and other major muscle groups, you burn a lot more calories than if you were to just concentrate on one particular muscle group. So make sure you include a variety of exercises in your weekly workouts.

A great way to really get your body working is to have a circuit of various exercises. So you do one for 5 minutes, and then move straight onto another without taking a break. You’ll feel absolutely exhausted at the end but you’ll burn a lot of calories and the weight should literally start dropping off your body within a few weeks.