Healthy Diet

Tips and Guides For Your Weight loss Plan

Losing weight is simple and not complex – despite the ads. If you burn more calories than you put into your body – you’ll lose weight. If you put in more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight.

What most people don’t realize is that diet is 80% of your battle. Eat the right things and you’re going to be healthier and lose weight.

Diet Basics

The first thing you must do is throw away all the junk food and soda. The reason I say throw away is because if it’s in the house – you’ll eat it. Drink water, green tea, or almond/soy milk only. Plan to eat/snack 5 times a day. This will reduce your stomach size and tell your metabolism that it has to work inefficiently and burn calories because it’s being refueled a lot. With the smaller stomach size, you’ll get hungrier less often.

It’s okay to substitute a protein shake or somesuch as one of your ‘meals’. If you’re starving, you’re doing it wrong. The trick is to not get hungry and fill it with healthy food. Save your carbohydrates (Bread, pasta, etc.) for after you work out. That way your body will replace the energy you expended with the carbs you ate – instead of tearing down your muscles.

Strength Train: 

While it is true that cardio does burn calories faster than strength training – what the running geeks won’t tell you
(I can say that because I’ve ran a marathon) is that 60% of your metabolism is spent fueling your muscles. That’s right. 60% just sitting. Doing nothing. Ergo, the more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism. And, a side benefit is that your muscles are more attractive than fat.

Healthy Diet: Food You Should avoid to Have a Healthy Diet.

There is nothing in life is better than having a healthy body and to do that you must stay a way from the junk what you are eating and take care off you self, and to do that you have to apply a diet plan but most of people fails in it but today I’m gonna share with you some instructions to make your diet work .

Stay away from refined sugars and unnecessary fats and hydrated oils (just because it olive oil on the butter container doesn’t make it healthy) . Now days it is so hard find food that doesn’t contain it, but where can avoid it you should. Don’t over eat, have smaller portions but eat at least 5-6 times a day this improves your metabolism.

Every “body” is different but they all work the same for the most part we all need proper nutrition and exercise. If you are having trouble fulfilling hunger, protein is known to help you feel fuller longer.