What makes boxing so popular is due to the fact that aside from throwing punches, individuals are subjected to constant movement.

Just like what amateur and professional pugilists do inside the ring, persons have to learn how to evade punches, also known as bob and weave.

Moreover, people taking up boxing classes are exposed to boxing drills, are taught boxing techniques, and are provided exercise routines just like what boxers do when they train before a scheduled match.

Indeed, boxing is a form of physical activity that is beneficial for anyone, especially in terms of their health. Here is a look at some of them:

  • Boxing is an intense form of cardiovascular exercise. In fact, it is an activity that can be as effective as just plain treadmill or outside running, cycling, or going to aerobics class. Interestingly, people who take up boxing classes go for such due to the intensity that the training sessions bring. Speaking of which, these often involve the use of heavy bags, hook and jab pads, and jump ropes, not to mention sparring sessions. Interval workouts in boxing training sessions often occur, which is known to help improve cardiovascular health and fitness.
  • Boxing helps burn a large amount of calories, thus helping in losing and managing weight. It is not just the arms that work. As what has already been pointed out, the body is in constant movement when doing the exercise. Consider this: throwing punches at a punching bag for 30 minutes is said to burn more than 200 calories. Doing the same thing for 30 minutes but with enough training to enter the ring can actually burn about twice as many calories. As long as trainees complement their training regimen with a healthy diet that take into account calorie control, they are able to achieve the best results.
  • Boxing strengthens the bones by making them denser. Undergoing boxing training entails exercise routines that greatly work the bones up increases bone mass. Indeed, bone mass may reduce as the person ages without any such activity to begin with, thus putting him or her at risk of suffering degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • Boxing is the great way to relieve stress. Many people have this misconception that the physical activity that comes with boxing is already stressful. However, hitting a punching bag, pad, or speed ball, as well as sparring, is known to let out all the stress because the amount of effort being exerted while doing the exercise routines triggers the release of endorphins. With endorphins released, not only are trainees are stress-free, but are also satisfied and confident with themselves.
  • Boxing is not just about making great use of the body; it is also about putting the mind to the test. Boxing enables trainees to be prepared mentally, especially when training how to evade certain punches or trying to discern the best way to attack using a combination of punches. Just like boxers, those interested in taking up boxing training as a form of exercise can help gain an edge mentally.

Men and women, children and adults can take up basic to advanced boxing lessons. Whether it is about learning the art of the combat sport or it is an outlet to shed off the pounds and feel a lot better both physically and mentally, boxing is something that is definitely worth adding to your workout plans for men.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a fighter to learn this sport, all you need to have is dedication and determination.