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Best Split Air Conditioner (A.C) in India

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When a home has no duct work system, the possibility of central air conditioning is eliminated. Some homeowners opt for window air conditioning units, but another, sometimes overlooked choice is a split air conditioner.

Top 10 Split A.C (Air Conditioner) of 2019 in India

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Split Air Conditioner Features :

You’ll find that split units derive their name from the nature of their construction. The hot and cold sides of the units are separate. The cold side of the unit contains a cold coil and an expansion valve. These two components are housed within a furnace or other type of air handler, which blows air through the cold coil and into the building.

The hot side of the split air conditioner contains a condenser unit and is kept outside of the building. When we researched split air conditioner reviews, we found that most are available with wireless remote controls, and have varying fan speeds and temperature settings. You’ll also want to consider additional special features that the manufacturing companies have included on certain models.

Split Air Conditioner Benefits :

Since the hot side of the split unit (which is weather resistant) is located outside the home or building, the noise from the split air conditioner within the building is typically much quieter than window air conditioning units. The units also cost less than window air conditioners or central air conditioning units.

We found that split units are available in different sizes and price ranges. Split air conditioners, which use microprocessors, are also available for smaller spaces; dual units are available for cooling separate rooms within a single structure.

Split Air Conditioner Drawbacks :

Split air conditioners become impractical in multi-level and large buildings. When air has traveled too far between the hot and cold parts of the unit, lubrication issues begin to occur in the compressor.

Most split ac reviews indicate that the amount of tubing can exceed the limitations of the piping and become unmanageable. Cleaning of a split air conditioner is more challenging than a window unit, as the hot and cold sides need to be dismantled separately. The process can be somewhat labor intensive and time consuming.

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