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Kamachi HG-33 Home Gym 3.9 out of 5 stars Buy On Amazon
HASHTAG FITNESS 70kg Home Gym 3.8 out of 5 stars Buy On Amazon
Cosco CHG-150 R Home Gym 3.9 out of 5 stars Buy On Amazon
Marcy Smith Cage Workout Home Gym 4.2 out of 5 stars Buy On Amazon
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Are you tired of heading to the gym every alternative day to keep your body fit and healthy? Here is great news for you. You can now set up your home gym. It can turn out to be a fruitful replacement of going out in public gyms. A home gym can be described as a miniature area in your home which can be appropriate for working out. The majority of home gyms are equipped with experiential apparatus. You can locate your gym in any used room or the garage of your home. You can even customize your home gym with the machinery of your choice. 

When it’s a home gym, you need not allocate a large space for it, instead, you can keep it very compact by just adding the basic equipment that you can store or shift as per your needs. Home gyms have a lot of advantages added to them such as they don’t charge you any membership, you can use your equipment as well as you will not need to follow a fixed schedule for working out. The gym is located in your home itself so, you can access it anytime you wish to. 

What is a Home Gym

Home Gym

Home gym can either be a piece of equipment designed to make the most of your exercise regimen, or the place you exercise. Home gyms are as diverse as the people who make use of them. First, the equipment. You’ll find home gyms in a variety of styles and price ranges, and you’ll find that most of the manufacturers and spokespeople tout every possible benefit of using a particular piece of equipment.

If the ads are to be believed, home gyms can sculpt your abs, tone up your hips, slim your thighs and make your bed, all with no effort on your part! The first point to remember is that you’ll get some incredible benefits from home gyms, but only if you use them.

No home gyms are going to be miracle answers for your out-of-shape tummy, but those home gyms coupled with your dedication to using them can be!

10 Best Home Gym Machine in India 2020

Out of all the things that we own, health is the supreme. Any level of compromise should not be done when it comes to health. Although, keeping a good record of health is not so difficult, as there are a lot of things that could actually help you in doing so.

One such thing that helps you with this is the exercise machine. There are different types of exercise machines available in the market, both online and offline. Here is the review of few of them.

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#1. HASHTAG FITNESS Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg


  • This particular product is manufactured by the company named as Hashtag Fitness.
  • There are a lot of equipments in the packaging and it is a multipurpose gym set. If we talk about the parts of this particular set precisely, then there are 8 different types of exercises that you can actually perform with the help of this set.
  • Taking about the exercises in particular, then you can actually do the incline, decline, flat bench press, pushups, dips, leg curl, leg extension with the help of this set. This clearly means that it can help you in having a full body workout.


  • This comes with an 8 in 1 features, means many works with a single set.
  • One can do the full body workout with this set.
  • The quality of this gym set is quite sturdy


  • The dumbbells that come with this set may not be of good quality.

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#2. Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym


  • The manufacturing company of this fitness set is called lifeline. This company is very popular and is especially known for the amazing fitness products that it makes.
  • This gym set is best for those who want to build up the strength.
  • Like the previous one, you can perform a lot of activities using this gym set. The exercises that one can actually perform with this gym includes chest extension, high pull, low pull, rowing, leg extension and many more.
  • To install this whole set in your home or any other place, you just need to read the manual that comes with it and then you need to follow the instructions carefully. The installation is very easy to do.


  • One can do the whole body workout using this gym set
  • It is durable and simple in use
  • It takes very less time and space for installation
  • Could be used for both personal and commercial


  • A constant complain in this set is that few of the nuts keep missing.

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#3. Lifeline Home Gym Deluxe with Cover & Preacher Curl


  • The machine of this gym set is 2.5 inch round and the manufacturing company of this set is again lifeline.
  • The exercises that could be done with the help of this gym set includes low pulley row, knee raise, leg curl, back kick, side kick and many other things.
  • There are 15 different sets of exercises that could be done with this whole machine set and anyone of any age can easily perform these exercises.


  • This set is perfect for the home use, as it takes very less space for installation.
  • It is fit for every age group and one can easily perform a full body workout using
    this application.
  • The construction of the machine is very sturdy


  • One needs to do the installation by themselves only as the company does not
    provide this service.

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#4. Afton Brute Force 360PT


  • The manufacturing company of this gym set is Afton and this is the modified version of their previous versions. A lot of things are there of the previous version only, but there are a lot of changes also.
  • The exercises that one can do with this gym set are squats, dead lifts, lunges, chin ups, shoulder press, rotator cuffs etc.
  • It comes with the spotting arms and j-hooks, which could be adjusted easily.


  • This is a multipurpose gym set and a lot of exercises could be performed using this gym set.
  • Comes with an improved pulley slider
  •  Very easy and smooth in adjusting


  • You could not return this product unless you receive a defected piece.

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#5. GoFiTPrO 100 Kg Rubber Weight Home Gym with 20 in 1 Bench


  • The construction of this gym set is done in such a manner that it is suitable for a lot of exercises and fitness routines.
  • The rubber that is attached with the machine is of 100 kgs. Along with this, the set includes dumbbell rod, plain rod with lock, skipping, hand gloves and hand griper.
  • The construction is very sturdy because of the safety purposes.


  • A lot of exercises could be done using this gym set
  • The material and design of this machine is very sturdy and the whole set is durable


  • The rubber plates that are attached to the machine are not of good quality and could melt soon.

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#6. Kamachi 4 Station Home Gym HG-44


  • The first feature of this gym set is suggested in its name only. It is appropriate for personal use.
  • The manufacturing company of this gym set is called Kamachi.
  • The product that you will receive will in multi-colour.


  • Best for home uses
  • One can perform a lot of exercises with the help of this.


  • They do not provide the installation facility

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#7. BodyFit 20 In 1 Bench Home Gym Workout Exercise Sets


  • The company that manufactures this gym set is known as Body fit.
  • The gym set includes a lot of equipments that help the users in using this with great comfort.
  • The exercises that one can do using this machine includes lag curl, leg extensions,
    ground pulley, chest press, butterfly etc.


  • Highly durable and comfortable in use
  • All the equipments when combined together are perfect for a full body workout.


  • The different parts of this machine are not that sturdy.

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#8. Kobo Steel Multi Exercise Single Station Home Gym (MHG-1002)


  • This is a single weight stack machine, designed especially to provide the users all the important facilities that one could get in a health club.
  • Unlike all other gym sets this one is not made up of normal steel. The manufacturers have used the heavy gauge steel for its construction.
  • The name of this gym set says that it is a home gym, but its features and qualities make it suitable for both the personal and commercial use.


  • The construction of this gym set is very sturdy
  • It is very comfortable to use and very affordable to buy
  • The installation of this gym set takes very less time and very less space.


  • Once you purchase this product then you could not return it.

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#9. Cockatoo HG-03 Professional Home Gym


  • This product is manufactured by the brand called Cockatoo.
  • The equipments that come with this product is combined together to make a full work station.
  • The exercises that could be done on this machine include triceps push down, leg extension, shoulder girdle, pushups, boxing exercise etc.
  • The whole construction of the machine is done with the steel tubing frame, which makes it very sturdy


  • The maximum weight one can put on this machine is 120 Kgs
  • The construction is very sturdy
  • Best for personal use
  • Comes with safety grips
  • Gives you the feeling of a complete work station.


  • The users sometimes do not receive all the parts promised to them.

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#10. Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym


  • This exercise machine is manufactured by lifeline, which is a well known company for the manufacturing of fitness products.
  • The exercises that one could do with this machine includes leg raise, leg extension, arm curling, dipping, leg raise and many more.
  • There is a user manual and YouTube video too, that could help the user with the installation process.


  • Highly durable
  •  Compact in designing
  • Multi-tasker


  • No installation facility

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Home gyms as a place can range from the corner of your bedroom where your treadmill stands to the basement dedicated to exercise equipment. Either is serviceable. What’s most important is that you have an area that meets your needs. So you have the space and you have the equipment, what’s next? The most important aspect of home gyms is use.

Even if you have a dedicated area as large as a basketball court filled with the latest in exercise equipment, your body is not going to change unless you’re using that equipment. Before you start setting up your area or buying equipment, take a look at what you can reasonably expect from yourself.

Are you likely to get bored with the project after a few months (or sooner)? If that’s the case, don’t let it stop you from making the investment. Instead, look for ways to keep yourself on track. Home gyms have one big advantage over hitting a public or private gym – convenience.

You can work out when you have a few minutes.There’s no need to drive somewhere. You won’t have to go outside and face the weather after you’re damp from sweat or a shower. All that’s left is for you to take advantage of home gyms – both the place and the equipment!

Types of Home Gym in India 2020

There are a variety of home gyms based on their outlook, price range, and also the types of exercises offered. We are describing some of the basic classifications of a home gym below:

#1. Functional Trainers

Functional Trainers 

Functional trainers can be the most appropriate option for those who are highly concerned regarding their bodyweight. It comprises of dual cable poles with height adjustability options. This apparatus offers you a wide variety of exercises to try but it is priced quite high. 

#2. Home Gym Styled as Single Station 

Home gym styled as Single Station

This kind of home gym incorporates a pattern of one weight stack and is the most well-known home gym offered at a reasonable price. One additional advantage is that it requires a lesser amount of space in comparison to the other home gym variants. 

#3. Leverage Machine 

Leverage Machine

Also named as a weight bench or multi-gym, the leverage machinery stands apart from the rest. It doesn’t make use of a fastened weight stack instead it employs glide weight plates to provide defiance. One added advantage to this fitness gear lies in its protection attribute while you carry on with your exercises. 

#4. Multi Stations or Dual Stations 

multi station

This variation of home gym consists of several exercise zones and several weight stacks. Hence, it permits multiple people to exercise at once. These machineries are high cost in comparison to a single station home gym but the features inculcated by them do fair justice to the price. 

How To Buy Best Home Gym Kit In India 2020

How To Buy Best Home Gym Kit In India?

For assembling your home gym, you can buy the equipment both online as well as offline. Many online websites deal with fitness gear so, you can avail your desired apparatus from them as well as you can buy them offline from shops and showrooms selling fitness equipment. However, there are a few points that should be considered by you before you make up your mind for setting up your home gym. The points are as follows:

#1. Know Your Budget 

Know Your Budget

Whenever it comes to buying anything, the budget turns out to be an important influential factor. It is no wonder that buying fitness machinery is a high-cost deal but then, you will need to make sure the equipment you are planning to buy lies within your budget. You will need to do proper research and price checking of different gym apparatus offered by different brands.

You can even visit a manufacturer of gym equipment before you move on with the setup. You can do that by browsing fitness brands on the internet or by visiting trade fairs. Once you attend a trade fair, you will have a good idea about the top manufacturing brands of gym equipment. Detailed research is requisite if you want to acquire genuine products at a good price. 

#2. Decide the Appropriate Area 

Gym Area

Buying gym products without determining the space available will prove tricky. One can never be sure of the number of gym equipment that can keep their gym occupied. It will be extravagant to stuff a small space with equipment and make it appear overcrowded. Besides the equipment, a gym owner should also think about the space which will be required for other important aspects like a storage room, washrooms, important tools for repairing exercise elements. Alongside this, enough room is required to keep the gym clean.

#3. Do Good Research on the Various Fitness Equipment Available in the Market 

Once you have decided on assembling a gym in your home, the very next step is to know the equipment you will need to keep. So, primarily you will need to check out all kinds of gym equipment available in the market and then, after assessing your needs you will have to decide the ones you want to keep in your home gym.

At the initial stage, all the equipment is divided into strength fitness apparatus and cardio fitness apparatus. Equipment such as treadmill, stair steppers, rowing machines, stationary bicycles is named cardio machinery whereas strength machinery includes leg press, barbells, dumbbells, and many more. Now, among all these, you will have to choose the machinery you want to keep as per your preferences. 

#4. Select the Best Fitness Equipment Manufacturing Brand 

Since fitness is of utmost importance to the client, the gym owner should focus on the necessity of equipment from the best manufacturers and suppliers. The most important features of these machines should be of high quality and durability. One of the best brands known to provide the best gym equipment and modern machines apt to every individual’s requirements is Into Wellness. Before investing a considerable amount into the equipment, one should take care of the safety measures and durability instructions of these gym products.

#5. Pay Heed to the Maintenance Offers and Assurance 

Warranties and maintenance offer consists of one of the most important points while buying any gym equipment. While investing such a gorgeous amount on this equipment, one should look out for the durability and whether the equipment could tolerate usage continuously. Know about the maintenance which should be provided to each machine and inquire about the method of repairing in advance.

Also, another important thing to remember is to make sure that the gym equipment manufacturers provide their service technicians and the availability of replaceable parts. Wisely and with a certain amount of right information, buying exercise machines can be quite a hassle-free process.

Choose The Best Home Gym Equipment That Works For You

Many people who consider setting up a home gym get hung up on the subject of gym equipment. They think that they can’t have a good home gym without lots of expensive equipment. And some think that a home gym without that expensive gym equipment is a waste of time.

The truth is, home gym equipment can be as complex as the latest in weight training machines complete with heart monitoring devices, or as simple as a jump rope, as long as the equipment works for you. One of the biggest issues regarding home gym equipment is that so many people overlook the details – those small items that can make the home gym so much more enjoyable and profitable.

The reason is that we’re inundated with advertisements and information about the latest home gym equipment available. We begin to think that we can’t possibly benefit from a workout unless it comes complete with the entire range of gym equipment available on the market. Before you rush out with checkbook or plastic in hand, consider what you want from your home gym, and what gym equipment you’re likely to use.

That should be the driving force in what gym equipment you choose – not what the exercise pros are advising you to buy. The result of this train of thought is that your gym equipment may consist of a treadmill. Period. Or it may be a treadmill and a jump rope. Weights and weight benches may be preferable to expensive weight training machines.

By the same token, those high-tech pieces of gym equipment may be just what you need. And if that’s the case, then your home gym should certainly have that equipment. But be sure it’s because you’ll use the equipment and benefit from the use – not because the muscled-up guy (or gal) on television said it’s what you should have.

Your home gym equipment is limited only by your exercise regimen and your budget. But even if your budget is the major limitation, you can still have a quality home gym that allows you to get in great shape and stay that way.

Steps Toward Designing a Home Gym 2020

Designing Home Gym

Designing a home gym should be a simple matter. Consider the allotted space and fill it with exercise equipment. What could be so difficult about that? Actually, you can run into some real problems when you’re designing a home gym but a little planning can remedy most of them.

The most important things to consider are space and needs. Both the amount of space and your needs will greatly impact the home gym equipment you can and should invest in. You should start designing a home gym by trying out equipment that’s available. If you have a favorite weight machine, treadmill or other exercise option, that’s a good place to start, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Keep in mind that a home gym is not a short-term investment. Typically, you’ll pour at least several hundred dollars into the effort and it could easily run into the thousands. With that level of investment at stake, you may need to take some time to try out other exercise equipment on the market.

One way to do that is to take out a trial membership at a gym and use the equipment there. It’s much less than investing in your own machine and can give you some good insight when designing a home gym. Don’t overlook the potential for open space. You probably don’t need exercise equipment covering every inch of the floor space available.

In fact, some open space may be good for jumping rope, tumbling and other exercises that really require little in the way of equipment. Besides, that open space may be necessary when the latest and greatest weight machine hits the market – just what you need to complete your home gym.

Remember that designing a gym for home is probably going to be an ongoing process. Few people find that they are ever completely satisfied for a long period of time with the equipment and layout of their home gym. That’s partly because we’re human and need variety – perhaps a new weight machine or something different to renew interest in the exercise program.

It’s also because needs change over time. If you’re designing a home gym at 20, you’re probably going to be redesigning it at 40.

Multiple Exercises By Using Best Home Gym Equipment 2020

There are a variety of exercises offered by home gym equipment. You can make your list of exercises to be done by you as per your physical strength and convenience. We are enlisting below some exercises which you should try in your home gym:

#1. Leg Press 

Leg Press

This is a weight tutoring exercise which makes an individual thrusts a weight distant to them with the help of their legs. The machinery involved in this exercise is also termed as Leg Press. 

#2. Seated Row 

seated row

This is a strength tutoring exercise that involves movement upper arms and back. It can be done by dragging a loaded handle over a seated row apparatus. 

#3. Leg Extension

Leg Extension

This is a support weight workout in which the quadriceps muscle of the legs is targeted. This exercise is done by an apparatus called the Leg Extension apparatus. 

#4. Shoulder Press 


This again is a weight tutoring workout with a lot of variations, generally done while standing. In this exercise, a heavy object is pressed up from tormenting posture and the lower portion of the back along with the abs continue to be in equilibrium. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Home Gym

Q. Can the home gym be reliable enough?

Assembling a home gym is undoubtedly a great idea. It is of utmost safety and security and serves as the best alternative to going to a public gym. 

Q. What is mandatory for all home gyms? 

Home gyms are available in numerous variants in the market which you can buy both online as well as offline. However, some compulsory things are supposed to be in all home gyms. Things that are a mandate for setting up a home gym are Resistance Bands, Barbell, Adjustable Bench, dumbbells, etc.

Q. What are the things you can avail of in your budget? 

Gym equipment is generally high priced. But sometimes they can be availed at a lower price according to the functions they offer. You will have to do a brief study regarding gym various gym equipment and their prices. Then, as per your workout needs, you ought to decide the equipment to be included in your home gym.

This article deals with all the basic information that you must have before you proceed with assembling your home gym. We hope it was helpful to you in knowing the major aspects of home gym installation.


These are few of the exercise machines that are counted as the top amongst the other similar versions. With these exercise machines one can easily workout in the gym and at home also. The description that is mentioned against all these machines clearly depicts that they are designed in a way that both the commercial and personal uses could be easily done with them.

The best part about these machines is that they could help you in performing a lot of exercises. All of them come with a lot of equipments and once you assemble them, it becomes perfect for full body workout. One can choose from the options given above according to your needs and desires.