You probably already have a good idea of this, (but for those who do not), a fitness tracker is any kind of device designed to monitor an individual and record data against a set number of activities.

With these types of activity tracker there are two elements that matter; the device that is worn on or around the body which records all of the data based on the inputs it receives and then you have the software that takes that data and displays the information, usually via some form of dashboard or via an app so that you can understand what all that data means.

Many of the popular fitness trackers on the market today connect in real time to a smartphone which allows the user to see the data being recorded on their activity in convenient way.

As mentioned above, This site around the best fitness tracker’s that you can buy in India that you wear around the wrist or clip to your clothing not the app fitness trackers that are available for smartphones.

8 Best Fitness Band in India 2020

#1. Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

Product Description

The Fitbit Charge HR has all of the great features and benefits of the Fitbit Charge but with the added benefit of tracking your heart rate. This makes it ideal for those who want to use there tracker for everyday activity and are interested in understanding heart performance during more intense activity such as sport.

Features of the Fitbit Charge HR:

  • Has caller ID – when your smartphone is nearby, the Fitbit will alert you to incoming notifications and tell you who is calling. You can then decide whether to answer.
  • Syncs with your other devices – within a 20′ range the Fitbit wirelessly syncs all your stats to your desktop or mobile devices. Then use your dashboard to analyse them with graphs and charts. It is compatible with over 120 models of smartphone.
  • Helps you monitor your diet – scan barcodes and use apps such as my fitness pal to estimate calories and give you a database of meal shortcuts and food information.
  • Tracks your movements – the Fitbit has a 7 day memory for minute by minute motion data.
  • Tracks your quality of sleep – review your sleep trends via your dashboard app.

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#2. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband

Product Description

The Fitbit Flex is currently the no1 activity tracker for sale and it is easy to see why. The sleek design, easy to read, 5 LED display which is great for goal tracking and the large range of features makes this a great buy.

First things first, The Fitbit Flex is a waterproof tracking device you wear on your wrist. Fitbit claim you can take it into the shower and even into the bath with you so if you are interested in tracking your distance while swimming this can do that for you.

It automatically syncs with its associated software or app to give you up-to-the-minute updates on your activity during the day. Even if you cannot synchronize your device every day, it has enough memory to log every minute of data for up to a week. You only need to charge it every five days, and it measures numerous things including activity and your sleep.

The Fitbit Flex is comfortable and gives you very detailed tracking information on how you have slept, how far you have travelled, and how much activity you have undertaken. You can use the software as intensively as you like, be it for simple tracking or for creating and achieving your weight-loss and exercise goals.

The band has lots of little extras that add to its quality, such as a vibrating alarm system so you can wake in a morning without disturbing your partner.

Features of Fitbit Flex

  • Waterproof - It is a waterproof tracking device.
  • Active minutes - The number of minutes you are physically active during the day. Physical activity can be a great goal for those who work in an office as it will remind you to walk away from that screen.
  • Calories burned - An approximation is made based on your physical activity as to how many calories your activity has burned.
  • Battery - Long battery life Upto 5 days.

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#3. Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch

Product Description

The Fitbit Surge is the ultimate watch that Fitbit offer, designed specifically for those who want to make the most of their performance in whatever sport they do. Features such as the purepulse heart rate monitor and specifically the GPS tracking make the Fitbit Surge great for those looking to get the best out of fitness training.

Features of Fitbit Surge

  • Built with eight-sensor technology.
  • It maximize your training and measure heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned.
  • It track every moment of your training.
  • It have a class battery life up to 7 days.

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#4. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

Product Description

If you’re trying to get fit and looking for a little motivation, then you couldn’t do better than add a Fitbit activity tracker to your daily routine. The Fitbit Charge is the latest release from Fitbit, well-known in the world of fitness trackers with both the very popular Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex being two of the most popular activity trackers available in the India.

The Fitbit Charge is a replacement for the earlier Fitbit Force, withdrawn from sale after issues with its bracelet design. This new tracker has a wristband that is slightly textured and comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for something that isn’t too cluncky then you are in luck, the Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker is slim, lightweight and adjustable and available in three sizes – small, large and extra-large meaning it should be a good size for you whether you have large or small wrists.

Features of Fitbit Charge

  • Measures daily activity – track the calories you burn, the steps you take and the distance you cover. It will even count the floors you have climbed and the total minutes you have been active which is a pretty cool feature.
  • Has the function of a watch – it tells you the time of day and wakes you painlessly in the morning with its silent, vibrating alarm – this is a particularly good feature if you get up earlier than your bed partner and don’t want to wake them.
  • Acts as a stats recorder – it lets you record your daily stats so that you can come back later and see if you have improved.
  • Lets you share stats with friends and family – share goals, celebrate milestones
    and motivate each other.

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#5. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

Product Description

The Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker is one of the most popular fitness tracking wearables available to buy today and is the most popular model that Fitbit offer.

With its simple yet functional design, clear and easy to read display, solid set of features and affordable price point, you can see why the Fitbit Charge 2 has proven so successful and why it remains a solid alternative to some of the competitor activity tracker brands such as Nike, Garmin and Jawbone.

Features of Fitbit Charge 2

  • The Fitbit Charge 2  will record heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and quality of sleep.
  • The Fitbit Charge 2 like a lot of activity trackers in this price range uses the inbuilt accelerometer to measure your movement, if you are looking for GPS you will need to invest slightly more.
  • It has a long battery life upto 5 days.
  • The Fitbit Charge 2 has guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

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#6. Polar M400 GPS Smart Watch

Product Description

The Polar M400 GPS watch with HR monitor is a great looking activity tracker that has been designed to be the perfect companion for people who take their running performance seriously.

With a clear, easy to read screen, sporty looks and a great range of features, the Polar M400 will certainly work well for those looking to track light training such as jogging all the way up to physically intense sprints or stamina testing marathons.

Features of Polar M400

  • The Polar M400 will Measure your Heart Rate
  • Record your activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Alert you if you are inactive
  • the Polar M400 includes integrated GPS
  • Records your personal best
  • It is able to record altitude, ascent and descent
  • Time and distance based interval timers
  • Polar fitness test option and Running Index
  • The Polar M400 uses the Polar Flow web and mobile interface

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#7. Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

Product Description

This review is of the Fitbit One Activity Tracker, which is for those that want to lead a more active lifestyle and lose weight. An activity tracker is far superior to the pedometers of bygone days. Using modern technology, they are smarter, provide improved accuracy, and give a better insight into important issues that make up a healthy lifestyle.

The Fitbit One tracks things such as blood pressure, restful sleep, heart rate and calorie consumption. With extra features, including wireless transmission to a PC through a USB dongle, Bluetooth 4 and Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity to the latest iPod Touch, the iPhone 4s and iPad 3, the Fitbit One replaces the Fitbit Ultra and the original Fitbit Tracker. Used alongside the companion web account, further details can be provided by the user, such as food eaten and other activities, to gain concise information pertaining to overall fitness.

Features and Specifications

  • Movement patterns – this is used to help determine overall activity level and the number of calories burnt.
  • Distance travelled – geographical distance travelled via cycling, walking or running. When used in conjunction with your phone, real-time data is automatically available.
  • Stairs climbed – through its altimeter, the number of stairs climbed each day is easily tracked.
  • Restful sleep – monitors sleep when worn at night with the included wristband.
  • Vibration Motor – this useful feature enables the device to silently vibrate when alarms are set to go off.

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#8. Misfit Wearables Shine

Product Description

A closer look at an extremely popular fitness tracker that offer the wearer the ability to have an activity tracker that is both stylish and practical. This Misfit Shine is available in a huge range of colours including black, topaz, champagne, chrome, coral, red and our favourite storm.

Unlike a lot of wearables that are available today, the Misfit shine aims itself squarely at those who are more likely to be wearing smart casual clothes and enjoy having a conversation piece than those who want something that looks more technical such as the Fitbit Flex.

While it is unisex there is no doubt that women who may find some of the other activity trackers rather large and masculine will prefer the look of this. While it doesn’t have some of the more advanced features that some people may from an activity tracker it is more affordable than some and could prove to be a good first purchase if you are unsure how much you will use one.

Features of Misfit Shine

  • Dongle Free Activity Tracking
  • The misfit shine will be great for those of you who are looking for an activity tracker to use while swimming as Misfit say this will be waterproof down to 50 meters.
  • Sleep Tracking
  • The Misfit Shine displays the information it records using a free app dashboard which is available at the iStore or Android Marketplace.

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What do the Fitness Trackers Record

The first fitness trackers were nothing more than glorified pedometers, recording how many paces you made and giving you that information as distance traveled. Brilliant at the basics but not that great at giving you the real deep information that you probably want to know.

Thanks to the benefits of modern technology your money now goes a lot further and there are a wide range of activities that you can record and monitor using an activity tracking wearable. When you come to buy you will want some or all of the following features:

  • Sleep – recording both length of time and quality. Why would you want to record your sleeping patterns?Getting good quality sleep is important for your health and well being. you will be surprised at how much of a negative effect not having good quality REM sleep will have on both your mental capability and your ability to perform during activity. They say that lack of sleep has the same effect on the brain as alchohol, (though it is a lot cheaper)! Most of the popular trackers including those from Fitbit and Garmin include this feature.
  • Distance Traveled – recorded by calculating paces or against location via GPS and displayed in Kilometres or Miles. Every step taken is a calorie burned and by knowing your distance traveled you will be able to set daily , weekly and monthly distance goals. These are a great way to measure your current fitness and improvements in fitness overall.
  • Calories Burned – Activity trackers will ask you to input several pieces of information when you first boot them up. By knowing your vital stats the software will calculate calories consumed against the steps you taje or by using a built in heart rate monitor should you be a tracker which comes with one. This is ideal for those looking to lose weight as by reducing your net calories, (calories consumed against calories burned) as you will know how you are performing against your weight loss targets.
  • Heart Rate – some of the more advanced trackers will record your pulse. By keeping your heart rate in the “zone” you will be getting the ideal level of cardiovascular benefit which will in turn improve athletic and daily performance. This is a pretty advanced feature even now and only available on the more expensive trackers however more and more are coming with this built in.

If you are looking for the best fitness tracker because you want to measure performance for a specific sport or range of movement you will be interested in those which have specialised features, for example if you are looking for the fitness tracker for swimming you will need one that is waterproof or if you want the fitness tracker for cycling you will need a GPS tracker as the pedometer will not record your movement as it needs the motion of walking.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Fitness Trackers 2020

You might be asking yourself how with all the features and the wide variety of models you will be able to make a decision. When you come to buy an activity tracker there are a number of things that you will want to consider:

#1.  What do I need it for?

Will you be using it every day or just when you go to the gym? If you intend to wear it all the time you will need one that is splashproof at least, if you want to wear it all the time you and do swimming you will need one that is waterproof. Thankfully there are a number on the market that can be worn 24 hours a day but they cost a little more than the basic models.

#2. How much do I want to spend?

If you are new to recording your day to day activity you may want to buy one of the entry level models which do not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models but will get you used to looking at what you get up to everyday. If you want the best that is available on the market with very niche features such as being able to record your VOMax then you will need to spend more.

#3. How do I want to wear it?

Most of the devices on the market are worn like a watch around the wrist. Models like the Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip are clipped to your clothing. Many of the fitness trackers have additional chest straps that can be bought allowing you to track your heart rate or have a foot pod that fits in the trainer to record your movement.

#4. Is it compatible with my phone?

Most fitness trackers will have software that allows them to run on both android or iOs software however you should double check that your device is compatible with your phone if you intend to sync the tracker to the phone

Benefits of Fitness Trackers

The Fitness Trackers Can Help You to Improve Cardiovascular Health!

  • Being regularly active is well known to be an important part of staying healthy. By monitoring your levels of movement you are not only able to see how much you have moved around but you can also see when and where you need to make changes.
  • By increasing your activity during times when you may normally be still, such as sitting at a desk if you do an office job, you will keep your heart rate up and your joints moving and reduce the risks of obesity, strokes and type 2 diabetes. You will still need to watch what you eat and refrain from activities which affect heart rate such as smoking or drinking alchohol.

The Fitness Trackers Can Help You to Lose Weight!

  • One of the most popular reasons for buying an fitness tracker is to lose weight. While it won’t stop the amount of calories a person takes in, a fitness tracker helps people lose weight by recording the amount of calories you burn.
  • When used in combination with an app such as My Fitness Pal you can understand how these burned off calories bring down your net intake of calories during the day, vital if you have a calorie target to hit in order to reach your target weight goal.
  • There is also a stronger sense of motivation and achievement if you can monitor your performance, create goals and targets and then go on to beat them.

The Fitness Trackers Can Help You to Improve Your Athletic Performance!

  • It is no good collecting data unless you learn from it. By recording activity when you are doing a sport and then giving you that data in an easy to understand format, activity trackers and there software allow you to learn where problems lie and where improvements can be made.
  • You may notice that when you burn more calories when you run a certain route, even though it seems easier. By understanding this kind of information you can hack your training and hopefully reap rewards.