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Braun 7899CC Premium Electric Shaver Foiled Yes Buy On Amazon
Philips Aquatouch AT620/14 Electric Shaver Rotary Yes Buy On Amazon
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor Foiled Yes Buy On Amazon
Braun Series 3 310s Electric Shaver Foiled Yes Buy On Amazon
Philips S1030/04 Electric Shaver Foiled Yes Buy On Amazon

An electric shaver is a convenient, easy-to-use essential for your washbag or bathroom. If you have a particular grooming regime, or just want a convenient way of shaving in the morning, you’ll find a device that suits you, whether you plan to style your beard, manage your stubble, or just keep your whiskers in trim! The five main manufacturers are Braun, Panasonic, Philips, Remington, and Wahl who, between them, dominate the marketplace and produce a wide range of electric razors and trimmers – include wet shavers, trimmers and clippers, and grooming kits.

There are hundreds of different models and features to choose from, and it can be confusing to decide which is best – so I’ve looked at some of the best-selling models and written reviews to help you choose the right one for you.

 Since you’re on my site, you’re obviously planning on buying a new shaver or razor – or at least you’re searching for the lowest price. To help you, I’ve compiled my unique interactive chart of electric shaver reviews below which makes it easy to find the best electric razor or the best beard trimmer. 

I’ve also written reviews and analysis of the main models on the market to help you sort through all the features and find which is the right one for you. I’ve got my own personal favourites, but my grooming regime means that when I am looking for a new unit, my requirements will be different from yours.

Wet or Dry Shave?

A traditional wet shave means lathering up with shaving foam or gel then using a blade razor. This is about the closest, smoothest shave you can achieve (though a Turkish or steam shave possibly just beats it by drawing out the hairs by applying a hot, wet towel to your face).

 So if you’re currently a traditional wet shaver, maybe using a trusted brand of disposable razor, you might be surprised to learn that you can use some specialist electric shavers (such as models from Philips and Panasonic) with normal shaving foam or gel for a great modern take on a traditional close wet shave. Please note: don’t try this out with your existing electric model unless you’re quite sure it’s designed to work as a wet razor, or you’re likely to damage it! 

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that many electric razors are now completely waterproof – which means that you can rinse out the shaving head under running water to wash out the hair debris.

Types of Electric Shaver

When you’re reading through the reviews on this site, you’ll see two main types of electric shaver that are use very different, but equally effective, shaving systems. You can divide all the razors on this site into Foil or Rotary shavers.

1.Foil Electric Shavers:

Foil Electric Shavers:

 The cutting head in a foil shaver contains a series of blades lined up under a flexible metal foil or sheet. The blades move backwards and forwards and the foil has thousands of tiny holes so that when it’s passed over your stubble, the hairs push through the holes in the foil and are sliced off by the moving blades. 

This type of foil shaver is ideal for shaving short or fine hair and is also good for styling a beard. If you have sensitive skin, I’ve read fewer complaints of skin irritation using a foil shaver than other types of electric shaver. Panasonic and Braun are two of the biggest brands for foil shavers.

2.Rotary Electric Shavers:

Rotary Electric Shavers:

 A rotary cutting head normally has three circular rotating cutters arranged in a triangle. The cutters spin, lifting and cutting stubble and hair. It can take a little practice to get used to a rotary shaver and I’ve read more feedback comments about skin irritation than with foil shavers. 

However, rotary heads are much more effective at providing a close shave on your neck and is great for reaching all the tight corners, for example around you ears or under your nose, than a foil shaver. Rotary shavers are also good for cutting thicker or longer hair. Philips developed this type of shaver and still produces some of the most popular models.

How to Buy the Best Electric Shaver for Men?

When it comes to finding the best electric shaver for men, then there are quite a few considerations that you need to make. Shopping for the best one can be quite confusing if you’ve never had to purchase one before, so you’ll want to take your time and research the different features and functionalities that each one has to offer, as well as the cost that is associated with each one.

In this comprehensive guide to choosing the best electric shaver for men, we discuss how to find the best electric shaver, setting your budget, thorough research, comparison shopping and where to find the top electric shaver for men.

1.Know Your Budget.

Know your Budget.

 You are going to find about a hundred shavers to choose from, and they’re all going to claim to be the best. OK, a hundred may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it will seem like there are a lot of them. Prices for electric shavers could range from $15 to $200 so you’ll want to identify where you fall within that range so you know what you can afford. Right away you’ll be able to refine your search by the amount of money you’ll be able to pay. 

2.Know Your Source

Nowadays, it’s just as easy to go online and find the products that you are looking for, and the same is true for electric shavers because of the increasing number of online retailers that exist. You might decide, however, that you’re just not comfortable shopping online and would rather purchase your shaver from a traditional department store. Either one is fine and will both result in you finding the best electric shaver for men.

3.Electric Shaver Reviews

If you’re looking to get information on a particular shaver that interests you, the you might want to read through electric shaver reviews for that particular model to see what others are saying about it. You’ll find real life experiences outlined by those who had previously purchased the item, and you’ll be able to find out whether or not the product was well received by others. With so  many popular brands like Panasonic, Philips, Braun,  Remington and many others, finding the right electric shaver can be quite a challenge.

4.Comparison Shopping

Comparison Shopping

 After you’ve identified the products that are within your budget, you might consider doing some comparison shopping in order to find out some of the differences between the electric shavers that you are considering. By doing so you can identify the product that gives you the most functionality and best performance out of a group of different electric shavers. 

Finally, when you have identified the shaver that best suites your needs, then you can shop around to find the best possible deal. There are a number of online comparison shopping websites that you can use to find the product you are considering at the lowest available price.

Electric Shaver User Guide

Electric Shaver User Guide

If you’ve been accustomed to traditional Razors, switching to an electric shaver might seem like a big deal. Understandably, the world of electric shavers might seem confusing at first, but the truth is that modern electric shavers are designed for ultimate convenience and ease of use that traditional razors cannot quite match.

 That said, you need to have good technique of how to use electric shavers in order to be able to get a decent, or even a great shave. If you’re new to electric shavers or just want to learn how to get the best shave out of one, read this guide for tips on how to use one for the closest shave you can get. 

Dry Shave

When using an electric shaver, there are as many techniques you can employ as there are wet shaving methods. But for a dry shave, here is how to go about it:

  • Before you start shaving, wash your face with a cleanser and rinse with warm water to remove excess oil and soften the hairs.
  • Now that your face is clean and free of excess oil, you need to make it completely dry. Drying with a towel isn’t enough and you’ll find that using an alcohol-based toner will do the trick. You may also use some little baby powder to dry the surface and get the hairs ready for a shave.
  • Because shaving with an electric shaver is not as irritating as wet shaving, you’ll find it easier to shave against the grain: simply stretch your skin taut with one hand and use the other hand to drag the shaver across the skin. If the shaver you’re using is the rotary type, you’ll want to make circular motions as if you’re ‘rubbing’ the shaver against your skin, rather than gliding the machine against the skin.
  • Repeat the aforesaid motions in every area you want to shave.
  • Dry shaving is generally more convenient but it needs a more diligent after-shave routine that entails meticulous application of a good post-shave treatment along with a moisturizer.

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is understandably intimidating at first, even without the traditional blades and all the scary-looking tools. While it may not give as close a shave as a traditional blade, electric wet shaving greatly reduces the chances for a cut. Moreover, you can apply a few techniques to get a closer shave.

  • To start shaving, clean your face with water and a cleanser as with dry shaving.
  • Apply an alcohol-based pre-shave gel to remove oils.
  • Rub your fingers in places where your facial hair grows to locate the grain of the whiskers. The direction in which your fingers feel a smooth rub is the direction ‘with the grain’ while the one where you feel resistance is the ‘against direction’.
  • Pull your skin tight with one hand and move the shaver across your skin: for a foil shaver, simply glide the machine against the grain while for a rotary shaver, ‘rub’ the machine on the skin surface for a closer shave.
  • Apply an after-shave lotion to moisturize the skin.

When using an electric shaver for wet shaving, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about usage to prevent accidents.

5 Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

5 Advantages of using an electric shaver

While shaving is a necessary part of every man’s normal everyday routine, the way in which men shave differs from one man to the next. The primary differentiation is in the tool that is used to accomplish the shave or more specifically, the razor that is used. There are two basic types of razors and they are the manual razor and the electric razor. Each of these options have their own benefits but there are 5 specific advantages to using an electric razor.

The 5 Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

 1. Convenience – The biggest advantage to using an electric razor is its convenience. When time is of the essence, there is no better way to shave than with an electric razor. In fact, electric razors are so convenient that they can be used while on the move. This is because of the fact that the electric razors used today are cordless. That’s right, they are attached to the charging cord when not in use but can be removed from the cord when it is time to go. The perfect shave can be achieved from anywhere it is needed. 

2. Speed – This is another advantage directly related to time and therefor has the ability to save an enormous amount of it. While the standard razor requires preparation and a water source, an electric razor only requires a face in need of a shave. When the time comes to shave, a switch is flipped and the razor turns on. No fuss, no muss. It’s as easy as that!

3. Mess Free – Using a standard razor has a few requirements that are absolutely necessary. These include a sink with running water and shaving cream. Without these requirements, a standard razor would be quite useless but shaving with a standard razor is messy none the less. There is typically quite a mess left behind once a shave, with a standard razor, is complete. An electric razor has no requirements and the hair is trapped in a small compartment in the razor itself. Once again no fuss, no muss.

 4. No More Nicks – Most men understand that using a standard razor comes with risks. Because a standard razor has actual razor blades, there is always a chance of getting cut during the shaving process. In fact, there isn’t a man who hasn’t experienced one of those all too famous gotchas. With an electric razor, there is no chance of getting nicked whatsoever. 

5. No Extra Expenses – It has already been established that an electric razor has no additional requirements which means there are no additional expenses. However, when a standard razor is used, there are a few items that must be used regularly. These items include shaving cream and after shave lotion. While both of these items could probably be omitted from the shaving process, the experience would be quite unpleasant without them.

The advantages to using an electric razor are quite convincing so if you find an opportunity to use one, give it a try. You might just find that you like it.