Are you tired of searching the best bread maker reviews on the web since your spouse or mom asked you to buy a bread making machine?

Yes, it can be very complex finding a perfect bread maker for your home that meets your needs. You know, many electronic brands out there manufacture the same product that makes you puzzled to pick the right one. Different brands offer bread makers with different features, but which one is going to meet your needs is really a fix.

You might have quite a number of questions in mind that where to buy the best bread maker? Which are the best brands out there? What to look before buying a bread maker? What is the best price? What are the consumers’ experiences after using an automatic bread maker? And many more. . .

We are here to answer all of your questions prior to buy a bread maker. To make our efforts even useful for you, we have talked to a number of real consumers and that helps us a lot to find the best bread maker brands that you can rely on.

By the product comparison table, you can determine which bread maker is doing great and receiving the best consumer ratings so far. You can also see the product with best rating on the table header field, the product with more power and programs.

Top 7 Bread Makers in India – 2019

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Breadmaker Buying Tips – What To Look For In A Bread Maker

Choosing the right bread maker from the crowd of many brands can be a real fix for you. Because, there are many brands manufacture different types of bread making machines with various features and functionalities.

You actually don’t know which one is the best and can satisfy your needs. Not only that, there are different factors to be considered before buying a bread maker from an online store or a nearby brandshop.

Here, we designed an ultimate buying guide in a specific way that helps to choose the right product. So, let’s have a look at the factors that you have to know prior to buy an automatic bread maker.


Buying a bread maker from a well known manufacturer gives confidence in the product. If you do buy from a well known manufacturer, the product is likely to be guaranteed for a minimum of one year, and because the manufacturer is well known, you can be sure they will be keen to preserve their good name and reputation with the buying public and that means customer service is likely to be good as well. That is useful to know in case you have any problems with the bread maker some time in the future.


Look for a bread maker that has a good range of programmes. You will need programmes for basic white bread, wholemeal bread, French bread, sweet and sandwich breads, and it is useful to be able to make jams and bake a cake in the bread machine as well.

Having the facility to make bread quickly using a rapid bake programme can save a lot of time baking bread. It means the difference between waiting about four hours compared with about one hour, for the finished loaf of bread to be cooked.

User defined programmes are usually only available with the more expensive models, and are for more advanced users, but you can mange without them.

3.Loaf Size

This is important, and we would recommend a loaf size of at least 1.5lbs. Two loaf sizes are fine, 1.5lbs and 2lbs, for two adults and two children. You can buy a one pound bread maker and they are ideal for the smaller household, or single person.

4.Gluten Free Bread

For those with special dietary needs a gluten free bread program is available on some bread machine models. See Gluten Free Bread Maker.

5.Fruit And Nut Dispenser / Add Ingredients Signal

Either of these functions will enable you to add extra ingredients to the dough at the required time in the bread making cycle. It’s a useful feature to have.

6.Crust Colour

It is handy to be able to select the colour of the crust, and the choices are normally light, medium and dark.

7.Delay Timer

If you intend making bread overnight, using the timer feature, make sure your breadmaker is not too noisy or it might wake you up. Some breadmakers are noisier than others, and you can often find the noise level by looking in the instruction manual.

8.Kneading Paddle Gets Stuck!

It is true of many makes of breadmaker that the kneading paddle gets stuck in the base of the loaf. When this happens you have to prise it out once the bread has cooled down, when the bread is safe to handle without getting burnt.

Don’t be tempted to use a sharp implement as this might scratch the non stick surface of the bread pan. If you have never had to do this before, be assured that it is easy to do and after a couple of goes you get better at retrieving the paddle without making much of a mess in the bread.

9.Cool Touch Sides

A breadmaker with cool touch sides means you can safely handle the appliance without the risk of burning your skin.


It is a fact of life that mechanical faults do happen sometimes. If you are unlucky enough for this to happen to you, make sure there is a guarantee with the bread machine. Also make sure you read the terms of the guarantee.


Check the physical dimensions of the breadmaker before you buy. You want to be sure you have enough counter top space to position the appliance in your kitchen. Looks are important as well. Breadmakers come in different colours and shapes and it can be important to choose the right one for your kitchen.

Bread Maker : Pros, Cons and More

So, Why You Should Buy A Bread Machine?

The person who is responsible for the morning breakfast of her family knows better- why she should buy a break maker. If you are the person who plays this important role to prepare breakfast for all, then it’s a real job for you. If you have some guests too to the breakfast table, then it’s going to be a real morning for you. You have to make breakfast for all, anyway.

So, what would be the breakfast then? Bread; from a nearby store? Huh, how big the bread is for 6 persons?

What if you have an automatic bread machine in your kitchen? Yes, you’re thinking right. You would’ve welcomed your guests rather feeling hassled in the morning.

Anyway, let’s have a look what are the benefits of having a bread maker:

1. You don’t need to depend on the stored bread with harmful additives.
2. Baking bread using bread maker is fun and needs almost no effort.
3. You need not to go to a baking school to learn how to bake bread.
4. You don’t have to stand hours to make bread in the kitchen. You just put the ingredients, set the program, and go to work.
5. The size of the loaf of the bread is in your hand. You can control it by changing the programs.
6. How many breads you want to make using this machine? Hundreds? Nop, you can make countless!
7. You can tell the machine when you want the bread is ready. And it also allows you to bake a bread quickly within an hour.
8. If you make pizza, pasta or rolls at home, the bread maker allows you to mix the dough so easily.
9. Finally, it SAVES money. To determine, just calculate how much you’ve spent on stored bread.

What You Should Know (The Technical Details) Before You Add To Cart A Bread Maker?

We don’t think you’re still ready to add the product into your shopping cart. We can assume, you still don’t know the technical details that a perfect bread maker should have.

Well, you’re spending money on a product, whatever the product is, you should know well before you buy it. You need to know the features of this product, its performance, and durability.

Before going to read bread maker reviews you should learn the details in case of a bread maker, are-

  • The product has many pre-programmed modes with LCD displays.
  • Easy to operate without prior baking knowledge.
  • High-tech heater, kneading blades, and non-sticky loaf pan.
  • Delay timers and quick baking option.
  • Ingredient measurement instruments including spoons, cups, and a manual.
  • A perfect product dimension that fits in your kitchen.

Once you will choose the product, you can read some bread maker reviews so that you can know a bit more about the product you’re going to buy. Not only that, you can also read our ultimate buying guide that tells you exactly what you should know before buying a bread maker for your home that provides the best service.