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Finding the perfect bicyle is not easy as these are rarely stocked in local bicycle shops. The quality on offer matches every time you spend on the road bike. To an unrivaled monster that can overcome any uneven path put in its way. Though most superior quality bicycles are very expensive, there are quite a few options for you to take advantage of when you are on a budget.

That is why below, we are going to look at the best bicycles here. The bikes we have listed below offer superior performance, top notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and wide-ranging abilities.

Top 10 Bicycles in India – 2019

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Safe Riding Technique

What is safe riding? Safe riding is a lot about you. It is how you respond to challenges that come across you while you’re mountain trekking. It is about your attitude. How you deal with your safety and that of others. Safe riding is not just about wearing a helmet. It is how you approach your daily ride, your preparation and your persistence. Some factors important for establishing a safe riding technique are given below:

  • Riding in control is important to your safety and those of others using the same mountain trail. You lose control when you ride recklessly.
  • Safety equipment is a must. Helmets are very important to your survival as they absorb most of the shock on impact.
  • Don’t be a hero. If you feel uncomfortable while tackling a particular section of your chosen mountain trail, walk it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Keep your speed in check. Riding at a high speed will cause you to lose control of your bike, which may lead to injuries. It is also important to remember that you lose your ability to spot obstacles when you’re travelling at a high speed.
  • Slow down while negotiating corners. It is impossible to understand what, or who is around the corner, so it is better to slow down while you’re handling corners instead of simply being careless.
  • Be prepared. You never know what is in the future, so it is better to be prepared for any type of contingency. Carry a phone, water bottle and some ration. Inform your family where you intend to go during the weekend so that they can track you down in case of an emergency.

Physical Aspects Of Safe Riding

The physical aspect of safe riding is important. The bicycle size, accessories, tuning should be perfectly suited for the biker. If there is something wrong in the way your bike is configured or tuned, you could end up in a crash and injure yourself badly. Here are some physical aspects of safe riding that are very important for your safety:

  • Is your bicycle the right size? If your bike size is wrong, you can lose control of your bicycle and injure yourself badly. Read the bike manual carefully to get correct bicycle size.
  • Is the saddle of the right height? Is the saddle and seat post secured? Are the stem and handlebar of the correct height for you? These questions are very important when it comes to your safety. Make sure they’re addressed before you start hitting the mountain trails.
  • Does your bicycle have suspension? Bicycle suspension improves the quality of your ride by absorbing shocks to the front and rear wheels. Read the bicycle suspension manufacturer manual to understand how to get the best out of your bicycle.
  • Observe bike regulations, local laws, traffic rules and regulations, safety regulations, speed limits made for your safety.
  • Wear shoes that grip bicycle pedals properly and do not slip. Shoe laces should not be loose as they might get caught in moving parts of the bike and cause accidents. Don’t wear loose flowing clothes that get caught and cause you to lose control over your bicycle.

Conclusion :

You can easily assemble this road bicycle at home as it comes with clear step by step instructions. This road bicycle may not be great for competitive road biking but awesome for regular users looking to use it for workout. Buying a bicycle is an investment which should not be taken lightly. Spend time reading reviews and talking to an expert, so that you do not regret your final decision!

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