We all must have ridden a bicycle once in our lifetime. It is said that before you start learning to drive, you should know how to ride a bicycle. It makes us learn a lot of things about driving. Apart from that, there are few people who love to ride a bicycle just as a hobby.

Be it any purpose, if you want to buy a new bicycle you should be sure that the one which you are buying is good. For that, one should know a few of the things about it. Here, we are giving you the list of the 10 of the top bicycles that could be considered before buying one. We have attached a buying guide too with the list, which will give you the idea about the important points that should be considered.

10 Best Bicycle Brands in India 2020

That is why below, we are going to look at the best bicycles here. The bicycles we have listed below offer superior performance, top notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and wide-ranging abilities. Here is the list of top 10 bicycles.

#1. Cosmic Flamingo 26T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle

Cosmic Flamingo 26T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle

If you are going to spend your coming vacation on a beach and you love cycling, then this would be the best recommendation for you. The brand cosmic has been the favourite of all the cycle lovers forever. There are a lot of characteristics in this cycle that could make you a fan. Let us discuss them in details.


  • The first thing that one needs to know about this particular bicycle is that it has the softest grip that a bicycle could have.
  • Along with the soft grips, this one has a very comfortable and stylish pedal designing that could let a person do the leg extension when he is riding it.
  • It contains Shimano EF51 brakes. With this, it is very easy to access the brakes.
  • Apart from the soft grip and pedals, this bicycle has a very comfortable seat.
  1. Comes with durable wheels and tires
  2. Loaded with Shimano EF51 brakes
  3. The frame of this particular bicycle is made up of alloy
  4. Grips of the bicycle are very soft.
  1.  It does not come up with a tool kit

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#2. Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 Speed Edition MTB Bicycle

Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 21 Speed Edition MTB Bicycle

This bicycle is again from the brand cosmic which is known to manufacture the best cycles. There are a lot of varieties that come under this particular category of bicycle. We will be discussing the features of this in the sections below.


  • This cycle has got a steel frame, which is a good thing for the manufacturing of cycles.
  • If you talk about the availability of the colours for this particular bicycle, then there are just two of them. First one is green and the other one is black.
  • The brake style of this cycle is disc.
  • The weight of this cycle is 30 KGs and the height of the cycles of this category range between 18-19 inches.
  1. It comes with disc brake
  2. The height of the cycle is 18-19 inches
  3. The frame of this cycle is made up of steel
  1. In some cases, the disc brakes do not work properly.

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#3. Cosmic Trium 27.5T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle

Cosmic Trium 27.5T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle

This cycle looks like a dream as the manufacturers have worked a lot on the looks of this bicycle. The colour of this bicycle is black which give it a more attractive look. Along with that, it has all the required features that a good cycle should have. Let us discuss them one by one in details.


  • The seat of this particular bicycle is adjustable. One could adjust and fit it in the way
    they want.
  • When you will receive this cycle, you will see that 90% of the parts of this bicycle are assembled. The rest of the parts that are not assembled could be assembled with the help of the tool kit.
  • The brakes that it contains are V type. It contains two brakes, rear, and front.
  • Frame if this cycle is made of steel and the pedal is made up of rubber, which is molded in nature. However, the size of the frame is 17 inches.
  1. Adjustable frames and seat
  2. Pedals are made up of rubber
  3. It contains a bottle holder, front LED light, rear danger light, seat pillar, etc.
  4. It looks very stylish in appearance
  1. There may be some problem with the durability of the parts.

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#4. Cosmic Trium 27.5 Inch MTB Bicycle

Cosmic Trium 27.5 Inch MTB Bicycle

This particular bicycle is manufactured by two of the major companies that are there in the business of cycle making. One of them is cosmic, about which we have already described in the products mentioned above.

The second brand is Peachbag. Both companies have joined their hands in order to create a bicycle, which is extraordinary in its features and characteristics. We will discuss it in details in the section below.


  • The one thing that makes this particular cycle unique and different from the other ones in this category is its height. It is 27.5 inches tall.
  • The fork type of this bicycle is suspension and the brakes are disc brakes. The suspension forks are made up of steel.
  • This one is ideal for males
  • The tire size of this particular cycle is 28 inches, while the frame size is 17 inches.
  • The ideal height of the rider for this particular bicycle should be 5.6 inches to 5.9 inches
  1. It is lightweight
  2. The brakes are of disc format
  3. The frame of this cycle is made up of steel
  1. The free accessories that the company claims to give with this particular bicycle may
    miss in some cases.

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#5. Frog Jaguar 29 Inches 21 Speed Front Suspension Dual Disc Brake Bike

Frog Jaguar 29 Inches 21 Speed Front Suspension Dual Disc Brake Bike

After the cosmic, the one brand, which could be trusted for bicycles is Frog. They too are known for their experienced manufacturing if the bicycles.

The bicycles made by this particular brand are made by keeping just one thing on their mind and that is the performance of the cycle and the durability of the parts that are used in the making of it.

There are a lot of excellent features in this bicycle that could actually compel you for buying it. You will come to know about all of them once, you will read the points mentioned below.


  • The parts that are used in the making of these bicycles are from the leading companies of the world.
  • When you will start using this particular bicycle, you will come to know that is the blend of the best parts and the best looks.
  • When you receive this product, you will see that the parts are not assembled properly, but it could be done by any person and that too very easily.
  • Before purchasing this product, one should always check the height of the rider. After confirming the comfort only, one should buy it.
  • The frame of this cycle is made up of steel and the size of the frame is 18.5 inches.
  • The weight of this product is 14 KGs.
  1. The assembly of the parts of this particular bicycle is very easy.
  2. It is a very light weighted bicycle
  3. It contains all the required free accessories
  1. The price of this bicycle is very high

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#6. Hercules Roadeo Hank 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle

Hercules Roadeo Hank 26T 21 Speed Premium Geared Cycle

This product is known for its amazing style. the appearance is the one thing that makes it very different and unique from the other bicycles of this category. Let us discuss the features of this product in details.


  • This particular bicycle is made by a brand called Hercules. One needs no introduction about this brand, as we have all grown up watching its advertisement.
  • The tyre size of this cycle is 26 inches and the frame size is 17 inches.
  • Both the front and rear brakes of this bicycle are disc brakes
  • The suspension is located in the front in this bicycle
  1. It is ideal for children with an age of 11 yrs
  2. 90% of the parts are assembled when the user receives the product
  3. It is very lightweight
  1. It does not contain any of the free accessories
  2. It is not good for heavy purposes

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#7. Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Premium Cycle

Montra Helicon Disc 27.5T 21 Speed Super Premium Cycle

If you are planning to buy a bicycle in an affordable range, then this is the one should go for. Let us discuss its features one by one.


  • It comes in a semi-assembled condition
  • The suspension type of this cycle is rigid
  • The rear and front brakes of this cycle are disc type
  1. Frame material of this cycle is aluminum alloy
  2. Ideal for those who have started learning cycling
  1.  No free accessory

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#8. Hero Ranger DTB Steel Single Speed Mountain Bike, Adult 26T (Black/Green)

Hero Ranger DTB Steel Single Speed Mountain Bike, Adult 26T (Black/Green)

The hero is a brand of cycles that again needs no introduction. It is known for creating the cycles that are good in performance as well as in performance. Let us have a look at the features of this bicycle.


  • The frame of this bicycle is very sturdy
  • The handlebars of this cycle are very comfortable for wrist and arms.
  • 85% of the parts of this cycle is assembled when the customers receive it.
  1. It is an ideal cycle for mountaineers
  2. The suspension type of this cycle is rigid
  1. It is not ideal for beginners

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#9. Hero Sprint RX1 26T Single Speed Road Cycle (Red/Black)

This cycle is again from the brand hero. Let us quickly look at the features that it has in it.


  • The frame material of this cycle is made up of steel
  • One who will ride this cycle has to be 5 or 5.5 inches height
  • It contains both the rear and front suspension
  1. 85% of the parts are assembled when it comes
  2. Frame material is steel
  1. It does not have any extra accessory

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#10. Kross Bolt 26T Single Speed Black Sports Bicycle

This bicycle, coming from the kross bolt brand is best known for their look and durable parts. Here, are few of its characteristics.


  • The frame of this cycle looks very sporty
  • It comes with a foamy seat
  • It is best for daily rides
  1. Tires of this cycle are heavy duty
  2. Seats are very comfortable
  1. Ideal just for daily use

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How to Buy Best Bicycles 2020

There are people who love to ride a bicycle but have never bought it. In some cases, there are other people who buy them the bicycle and in some cases, they just wait for the right time to come.

So, if you too want to ride a bicycle and your right time has come, then you are reading the right information. Here, we will be discussing the tips that a beginner should follow if he or she is deciding to buy a bicycle.

#1. Purpose

First thing first, you need to decide the area in which you are going to use your cycle. Some people buy the cycle for some competition, whereas some buy just to ride it in the area they are living in. In either of the cases, knowing the type of area is very necessary.

A lot of things depend on that. There are a variety of cycles. If you are buying one, just for fitness purpose, then you should not buy a heavy cycle. It should be light in weight. If you are buying the cycle to ride in a hilly area and narrow pavements, then the cycle should the tires compatible on that particular road.

#2. Comfort

Now that, you have decided the area on which you will ride your cycle, you need to see whether; you are comfortable riding that particular cycle or not. For this, you need to check a few of the things. The first thing is the grips, which are there. The second thing is the seat that has been placed. Along with that, ride on it, to analyze the overall comfort.

#3. Colour and style

When you have checked the comfort of the cycle, you should move forward and should look at the appearance of the cycle that you are going to buy. The colour and the style should be of your choice. If you have certain choices regarding that, you could go with it.

#4. Durability

Out of everything that is mentioned in the above points, the most important is to check the durability of it. This is all that matters. One has to be sure about the parts that are used in the making of the bicycle. The wheels, seat, frame, grips, etc. To know the durability you could know about the metal that has been used to make it.

#5. Brand

Brand matters a lot. Before you go and buy a bicycle for yourself, do a little research about the brands that are good. This is compulsory for beginners. However, there are a lot of people who do this on their own, out of enthusiasm.

#6. Price

The price of the bicycle is again a very important thing that one should consider. This is, in fact, one of the most important things out of all. It should be mentioned at the top. Before you check anything, you should decide a budget of yours and should shop accordingly. All these points will probably help you in buying a good bicycle. Try to consider all of them, in order to buy a good one.

Safe Riding Technique – Bicycle

What is safe riding? Safe riding is a lot about you. It is how you respond to challenges that come across you while you’re mountain trekking. It is about your attitude. How you deal with your safety and that of others. Safe riding is not just about wearing a helmet. It is how you approach your daily ride, your preparation and your persistence. Some factors important for establishing a safe riding technique are given below:

  • Riding in control is important to your safety and those of others using the same mountain trail. You lose control when you ride recklessly.
  • Safety equipment is a must. Helmets are very important to your survival as they absorb most of the shock on impact.
  • Don’t be a hero. If you feel uncomfortable while tackling a particular section of your chosen mountain trail, walk it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Keep your speed in check. Riding at a high speed will cause you to lose control of your bike, which may lead to injuries. It is also important to remember that you lose your ability to spot obstacles when you’re travelling at a high speed.
  • Slow down while negotiating corners. It is impossible to understand what, or who is around the corner, so it is better to slow down while you’re handling corners instead of simply being careless.
  • Be prepared. You never know what is in the future, so it is better to be prepared for any type of contingency. Carry a phone, water bottle and some ration. Inform your family where you intend to go during the weekend so that they can track you down in case of an emergency.

Physical Aspects Of Safe Riding

The physical aspect of safe riding is important. The bicycle size, accessories, tuning should be perfectly suited for the biker. If there is something wrong in the way your bike is configured or tuned, you could end up in a crash and injure yourself badly. Here are some physical aspects of safe riding that are very important for your safety:

  • Is your bicycle the right size? If your bike size is wrong, you can lose control of your bicycle and injure yourself badly. Read the bike manual carefully to get correct bicycle size.
  • Is the saddle of the right height? Is the saddle and seat post secured? Are the stem and handlebar of the correct height for you? These questions are very important when it comes to your safety. Make sure they’re addressed before you start hitting the mountain trails.
  • Does your bicycle have suspension? Bicycle suspension improves the quality of your ride by absorbing shocks to the front and rear wheels. Read the bicycle suspension manufacturer manual to understand how to get the best out of your bicycle.
  • Observe bike regulations, local laws, traffic rules and regulations, safety regulations, speed limits made for your safety.
  • Wear shoes that grip bicycle pedals properly and do not slip. Shoe laces should not be loose as they might get caught in moving parts of the bike and cause accidents. Don’t wear loose flowing clothes that get caught and cause you to lose control over your bicycle.


These were all 10 bicycles. With the buying guide and the name of these top bicycles, the beginners will get the idea, as to how to buy a good cycle for them. Before, buying a new one, they could have a detailed look at the options mentioned here.