Best Adjustable Dumbbells Review

I have done the hard work for you in reviewing what dumbbell product is best, and purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set is by far the most cost and space effective. On average an adjustable set of dumbbells replaces about 10 pairs of common non-adjustable dumbbells. The amount of weight and space is compounded exponentially over an adjustable set.

What are the best features of a high quality adjustable dumbbell?

Below is a summary of what features you should have while choosing your adjustable dumbbell:

1.Look for quality steel construction, ease of adjusting weight, securing the weight of the dumbbell after adjustment, the feel of the grip and actual weight being transferred during an exercise. No one wants a clanky lose feeling dumbbell, if it feels cheap it probably is cheap.

2.Safety and durability should be first concern even over cost, as the old adage goes “you get what you pay for” stands true. The other component to put into this mix is not wanting a house full of dumbbells to meet the various needs of each exercise needing a different weight. Real estate costs money and saving space saves you money.

     The Six Best Adjustable Dumbbells on the Market.

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552:

             Bowflex SelectTech 552 are made by one of the most well known name in fitness. These can easily adjust between 5 and 52.5 pounds just dial it in.  These replace about 15 sets of weights.  The rubber coated handles improve grip making it safer and more comfortable. The one complaint is it being pricey and not being completely stable having a lose feeling.

For fitness enthusiasts who prefer to have good strength exercises at home, but have limited space, the 552 SelectTech Dumbbells from Bowflex are a good solution. Newly maid, the groundbreaking pair of Bowflex dumbbells combines sets of fifteen weights utilizing an exceptional dial mode. It is considered the most space-effective and versatile power training choice accessible with its effective and exceptional design.

Product Features

The Bowflex adjustable dumbbell is equipped with essential features such as:

  • Every dumbbell can be attuned from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs attuned in 2.5 lbs increments
  • Allows trainers to quickly change from one workout to another
  • Combination of 15 weights in one through utilizing an exceptional dial system
  • Gets rid of the requirement for many dumbbells messing your training area
  • 2-year warranty on parts and weight plates


2.PowerBlock Elite:

           The PowerBlock Elite  adjustable dumbbell set has a unique shape (rectangular) and weight selection from 5 to 45 pounds in 5 pound increments.  A pin mechanism is used in each dumbbell to select the weight very stable once in place.



3. Proform 25-lb. Adjustable single Dumbbell:

Proform 25-lb. Adjustable single Dumbbell are capable of being adjusted between 2.5 and 12.5 pounds. They increase incrementally by 2.5 pounds and are locked into place by sliding knobs. Cushioned handles provide comfort and safety while allowing you to enjoy your workout.


Choosing the Best Dumbbells
Dumbbells come in just about any shape and size – but with hundreds of choices, it can be an exhausting task to find out which are the best dumbbells for your money. With a high quality product, they will pay for themselves in the long run. You’ll be able to get the physical results that you have always wanted to achieve easily.

4.Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set

The 40-pound dumbbells are among the basic equipment of your home fitness gyms. If you are going to buy the best dumbbell  then you should consider cap barbell dumbbells.

Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set Product Description

Cap barbell 40-pound dumbbell set is perfect for beginners and experienced lifters who are looking to expand their home fitness gym experience with weight combinations. The 40-pound cap barbell dumbbells are heavy enough for bicep curls, light chest presses, and machined-grip triceps extensions. According to many dumbbell set reviews, the 40-pounds barbells come with several weight plates that enables users to create different weight combinations with it. Cap barbell dumbbells come with 6 lbs plates, 2.5 lbs plates, and two threaded dumbbell handles that are extremely solid. Each cap barbell dumbbell model is equipped with spin lock collars for safety and security. The plates of cap barbell dumbbells are constructed from solid cast iron. These dumbbells set are ideal for home use.

Product Features

  • Durable Cast Iron Plates: By reading different cap barbell dumbbells reviews, you will see that this home fitness equipment is highly durable. The plates are made from cast iron that can withstand rugged use.
  • Plates and Handles: The best cap barbell dumbbells come with varying numbers of 5 lbs handles, 2.5 lbs plates, and 5 lbs plates. The handles and plates of this home fitness equipment offers you different weight combinations to lift. This is an ideal fitness equipment to perform different kinds of workout exercises.
  • Semi Gloss Finish: The semi gloss finish of cap barbell dumbbells are nice to look at and ideal for people looking for nice addition to their home fitness gym equipment.
  • Rack Storage System: According to dumbbell set reviews, the product comes with rack storage system to keep all plates and handles in one place. The rack storage system makes it easier for the product to be stored and kept when not in use.
  • Threaded Collars: The threaded collars offers higher degree of safety and security as the plates are attached to the handles sturdily. There’s no chance that the plates will detach from the handles while you perform your workout routine.
  • Warranty: Cap barbell dumbbell set is backed with a manufacturer warranty. You can be sure that this product is made by the company that belongs to the leaders of home fitness equipment providers.


5.Cap Barbell Solid Hex Single Dumbbell


Trying to get the best Dumbbell which will fit you might be a challenging task. Even though you read various reviews of customers online, you will see varying standpoints with regard to adjustable dumbbells and the Cap Barbell Solid Hex Single Dumbbell. Cap Barbell dumbbell reviews will help you decide whether this dumbbell is suitable for you or not and this also shows why fitness enthusiasts go for this dumbbell.

Cap Barbell Solid Hex Single Dumbbell Product Description

Solid Hex Single Dumbbell is the renowned item in workout equipment. Made from incredibly sturdy cast iron, this Cap barbell dumbbell is regarded as the best dumbbell accessible in the market today. For health and safety concerns, this item contains phthalate chemicals recognized by the City of California to prevent reproductive harm and birth defects. Purchasers may return the item for a total refund, which include shipping charges and returning the item within fifteen days upon procuring the product.

Product Features

  • Solid Hex Single Dumbbell is a simple and durable solid dumbbell made using hard-wearing cast iron.
  • Gray Color
  • Cap barbells dumbbells are available in various sizes and weights. This will help you find the best one suitable to your training.

6.Champion Hex Dumbbell with Ergo Handle

The Dumbbell is one of the most versatile and flexible pieces of training equipment a person can own. They can be utilized to efficiently train all body parts and perfect for anyone despite of age, skill level, fitness goals and training capability. Champion Hex Dumbbell is a reliable set of training equipment you can consider in order to obtain your fitness objective at the comfort of your own home.

Champion Hex Dumbbell with Ergo Handle Product Description

The state of the art Champion Hex Dumbbell is about as rock solid as they get. These dumbbells are a superb per pounds worth and their hard wearing construction shows that this can survive the abuse of regular use and can be utilized by the next generation. Dumbbells from Champion Hex are tough and rugged, which is an ideal addition to any home gym. On the other hand, always keep in mind that they might not be the best option for surfaces with soft wood. The Champion Hex dumbbell head is particularly made to keep the weight from gently sloping away while you are in the middle of an exercise. The Champion’s ergonomically made handle is easy to hold and assist to secure your wrists while improving grip power. It is essential to remember that this exercise equipment is solid.

Product Features

The Champion Hex Dumbbell is far different compared to other dumbbells available on market today. Perhaps because of the essential features integrated in this exercise equipment such as:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • This ground breaking training device is made from durable cast iron with solid, gray Hammertone and acrylic finish.
  • Steel handles of various sizes such as 10 to 100 pounds.