Water is considered as life, but absence of safe drinking water causes death of a child in every 20 seconds. Considering the fact the need of purified water has become one of the biggest issues of the world. This has assisted scientists to do lots of research for delivering safe as well as purified drinking water to people across the globe.

It is because of their hard work and courage to do something new, which has assisted in development of water purifiers. Water purifiers generally removes undesirable chemicals, materials, and biological contaminants from contaminated water, making it drinkable for us.

There are various brands involved in the process of development of water purifiers in India, which includes names like Kent, Tata Swatch, Pureit, Philips, Eureka Forbes, etc. The types of water purifier they produce are reasonably priced and are also easily available across the country.

The main benefit of water purifier is that you can produce safe drinking water anytime. You don’t have to wait for Municipality water supply or for other water resources. So if you want to make your life flexible and want to drink pure and safe water purchase a water purifier right here right now.

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers 2019

Here are the top 10 water purifiers in India.

1.KENT Grand Wall-Mountable Water Purifier

Review about Grand-8-Litres-Wall-Mountable-Water-Purifier

The Kent Grand 8 litre water purifier works on the UV, RO, MDS, Mineralizer and UF water purification technology and the capacity of the water tank purifier is of about 8 liters. The PPM filteration capability of the water purifier is between 500 to 2000 PPM.

When talking about the durability this water purifier has long lasting durability this is because the outer
body of the water purifier is made up of high grade plastic material. You can fit the purifier in the wall easily just by yourself. This Wall mountable Grand 8 litre water purifier has a transparent glass so you can see the clear water.

Buying guide of a Grand 8L wall mountable water purifier

Water purifier is an important household equipment that plays a significant role in your house where your water unhealthy water is purified and it makes the water sweet and bacteria free.

While buying the water purifier you need to check the impurities that a purifier can filter and make the water as healthy and bacteria so that the purified water will be containing the essential minerals.

Make sure that you choose the water purifier that is light in weight and portable one so that you can easily fix it by yourself where you won’t be requiring others help.

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2.Havells Max Water Purifier

Review about the Havells-Mineralizer-water purifier Revitalizer

The Havells Mineralizer water purifier is developed in such a way that it functions with the absolutely safe and secure purification methods where it uses the RO and UV methods of purification.

After the purification completes the water is passed through the RO membrane and then here the UV purification is done to ensure that the water is absolutely pure and safe for drinking.

The water purifier contains an in built mineral cartridge where it corrects the pH value of the purified water and adds back the natural minerals to the water then the purifier provides the tastier and healthier water to drink.

Buying guide to the Havells Mineralizer water purifier

Before buying the Havells Mineralizer water purifier first you need to check whether the purifier comes along with the revitalizer component because this restructures the water molecules. So the water is biologically treated active that improves the mineral and hydration absorption.

Now a day’s these kinds of Havells water purifier comes with the Iprotect purification where this will monitor the purification process constantly and ensures whether the water is safe or not. So that the risk of checking the water is safety is reduced, ensure that your Havells water purifier has this monitoring feature.

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3.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier [ RO+UV+MTDS ]

Review about the Eureka-Forbes-Aquaguard smart plus water purifier

The eureka Forbes aqua guard water purifier has been developed with smart technology where this purifier purifies the water in the advanced process such as like MTDS, RO and UV purification. So the purified water will be free from bacteria and the water will be of sweet and clear.

This purifier does not have the booster pump so the water is not pumped where it makes clogged at the purifier and creates water clog issues. The most important is that the eureka Forbes aqua guard water purifier comes with the inbuilt MTDS controller so it automatically enable the adjustment of taste depending on the source of water.

Eureka Forbes aqua guard water purifier Buying guide

Before going to purchase the Eureka Forbes aqua guard water purifier make sure that you check that there is a smart energy saving mode option is available in the purifier because only if it is available in the purifier the purifier will be of original product.

You must also decide the capacity of the purifier and power the purifier consumes because only when the purifier consumes less energy it is considered as the best energy saver purifier where this in turn increases the lifetime of the purifier, so choose the water purifier in a such a way.

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4.Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

Blue star AR4BLAM01 7 litre water purifier review

The blue star AR4BLAM01 model water purifier comes in Black colour where it gives an elegant look that is complemented with the superior performance and it purifies the water at 100% rate.

This water purifier comes with the advanced technology where it has an in-built alert notification that gives you the notification when there is a low pressure, purification alert and tank alerts.

This water purifier has the capacity of 7 litres were it purifies the water and stored in its tank and it consumes the less power consumption of about 36 watts and operating voltage is about 220 volts to 240 volts.

Blue star AR4BLAM01 water purifier buying guide

Before buying the blue star water purifier first check the feature and specification of the water purifier by doing the research on the internet. Also check that the water purifier comes with the installation kit, user manual and pre filter along with your blue star water purifier device.

Check the warranty of the water purifier so that you make use of the water purifier service at free of charge. Ensure that you properly get the warranty service bill from the shop where you make the Blue star water purifier only then you can replace the purifier when it is malfunctioning.

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5.KENT Grand Plus Water Purifier [RO+UV/UF+TDS]

Review about Kent-Grand-8L controller purifier

The Kent –Grand – 8 litre controller water purifier is available in white colour and the purifier consumes 60 watts of power supply. This water purifier has an in-built electric storage equipment that stores the electric current and its functions for some period of time till completely use the stores electric current.

The purifier contains the tank that is made up of food grade plastic where it protects the water from the bacteria and makes the water to be in good condition. In addition to this the purifier is capable of purifying the water in RO, UF and UV technology so the purified water will be in good in taste.

Buying guide for Kent grade 8 litre water purifier

When buying the Kent grade 8 litre water purifier make sure that the water purifier includes the installation kit and user manual along with the purifier. You also need to check that the purifier device comes with the 1-year warranty of service and with no service charges for about 3 years from the date of purchasing the product.

Also enquiry that whether they be providing the installation at free of cost else if they shop where you purchase the purifier did not provide this service just get the manufacturer’s customer support and enquiry them about the installation service.

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6.AO Smith Green Z8 Series Water Purifier [ RO + Mineralizer ]

Review about AO- Smith-Z8-10-Litre-Purifier

The AO smith Z8 water purifier has a stylish look and this water purifier not only ensures the 100% purified RO water but it also saves the 2X water comparing to ordinary RO water purifier with the advanced innovative technology.

This water purifier uses the SCMT and RO water purification with Mineralizer technology that completely removes harmful substances. The AO smith Z8 water purifier contains the MIN-Tech that adds the essential minerals into the purified water to make it healthy drinking water.

The AO Z8 smith water purifier comes with the hot water facility where you can get the purified hot drinking water with temperature choices of 80 and 45 degree Celsius.

Buying guide to the AO- Smith-Z8-10-Litre-Purifier

When buying the AO smith Z8 water purifier you need to check the tank storage capacity for storing the drinking water where you can access the drinking water at the time of power cut. You need to check the type of the tank material used for the durability.

Make sure that you purchase the AO smith water purifier with the electric storage facility only then you can be benefitted and it automatically dispense the drinking water with the help of sensor sensing facility.

Before purchasing the AO Smith water purifier do some research on the internet, so that you will be get more detailed feature and specification information about water purifier.

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7.Hul Pureit Ultima Water Purifier [ RO+UV ]

Review about the Hul-pureit-Ultima-water purifier

The Hul-pureit-ultima water purifier is used by number of people around the country where this purifier comes in variety of colours but the black colour purifier is liked by most of the people because of its attractive look and style.

This water purifier works on the Ro and UV water purification technology where it purifies the water and makes it clear and good taste. The capacity of Hul-pureit water purifier is of about 10 litres where you can store as much as water that you can have and the product comes with the 10 years of warranty.

Buying guide for the Hul-Pureit-Ultima water purifier

While buying the pureit ultima water purifier first of all you need to choose the model and tank capacity of the purifier according to your need only then you can make use of the water purifier efficiently.

Also check that the water purifier comes with the advanced technology so that you will be much benefitted because of installing a such advanced water purifier where this will make you to stay healthy and you will not be getting any health issues such as like fever, cold and other throat related issues. It is better to go with the water purifier that ranks at first as per the purification technology.

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8.LG Puricare WW170EP RO + UV + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

Review about LG-Puricare-WW170EP-Protection-Stainless

The LG-Puricare-WW170EP model water purifier comes with the feature of Stainless steel water tank and it is first and most unique water purifier that works on the digital sterilizing care system technology.

This technology helps in purify and filters the unhygienic and bad tasting water. The LG puricate purifier does the water purification on three basic methods like RO filtration, Dual protection stainless steel water tank and digital sterilizing care.

The purifier uses the RO water purification technology with taste enhancer and by using this enhancer the purifier enhances the taste of the water during purification process.

Buying guide to the LG-Puricare-WW170EP-Protection-Stainless

While making the purchase of LG puricate water purifier first you need to check whether the purifier tank is made of stainless steel or not. Then you need to check the purification technology that LG puricate water purifier follows and this will be mentioned in the product catalogue.

If your house hold is facing an unreliable power supply and power cut then you should consider buying a water purifier with the feature of storage tank. The RO and UV water purifier consumes power supply so you need to check the amount of electricity the purifier consumes.

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9.Kent Ace Mineral Water Purifier [ RO+UV+UF ]

Review about Kent-Ace-Mineral-Purifier-Aquamarine

The Kent Ace mineral purifier aquamarine water purifier weighs 10.6 kg with the Dimension of 41*29*59 cm and this model is called as ace mineral. The water purifier has the storage tank of capacity 7 liters and operates at the 60watt power supply.

The purifier uses the UV+RO water purification technology and it promises you the safe drinking water through UF+RO+UV process. All the impurities such as like chemicals, salts and other kinds of the harmful elements are dissolved in the water and these impurities are filtered in the purifier.

The Kent-Ace-Mineral-Purifier Aquamarine water purifier maintains the natural minerals in the water with the help of the TDS controller system. The purifier is created with finest quality of ABS food grade plastic material and it is a safe to drink water. This water purifier is easy to maintain.

Buying guide to the Kent-Ace-Mineral-Purifier-Aquamarine

While buying this water purifier checks whether the purifier comes with the latest and advanced water purification technology. Consider the power supply consumed by Kent Ace mineral water purifier.

Just make google search on the internet and find the features and specification of the product and also read the review about the Kent Ace mineral purifier aquamarine water purifier so that you will be getting an idea to about the water purifier.

After checking the water purification technology processed by the Kent ace mineral aquamarine water purifier you can purchase the product.

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10.Pureit Ultima Mineral 10-Litre Water Purifier [ RO+UV ]

Review about Pureit- Ultima-Mineral-10-Litre-Purifier

The Pureit ultima mineral 10 litre water purifier comes with the trendy black color. It is the type of the electric with storage tank purifier. This water purifier uses the UV and RO water purification methods for purifying the water.

The capacity of this water purifier tank holds 10 litres of water. The Pureit ultima mineral water purifier includes the pre sediment filter where this filters the unsediment dust and bacteria present in the water and provides hygienic drinking water.

The water purifier is manufactured with finest food grade plastic material and the color of the water purifier makes it so attractive and stylish. This water purifier contains the sensor for dispensing the drinking water.

Buying guide to the Pureit- Ultima-Mineral-10-Litre-Purifier

When buying the Pureit Ultima mineral 10 litre water purifier you need to check the dispenser system and the sensor present in the water purifier. This is because when there is no power supply then the sensor will not be working.

Check the storage capacity of the tank before purchasing the product and also ensure that the water purifier comes with the high grade plastic material.

Check the water purifier has a transparent screen so that you can ensure that the drinking water is clean and healthy. When your family is large then you can go for the water purifier with the storage tank so you will be getting continuous supply of water.

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Types of Water Purifiers ?

There are a number of different water purifiers that are available on the market, but it might surprise you that not all of them are going to do a great job of cleaning your water. In order to choose the best water purifier for you, it is necessary to look at a number of different items, as well as your own personal needs and circumstances.

There are several different home water purification systems that are on the market, each of which is capable of cleaning water but some of which will, quite honestly, make it cleaner than others.

1.RO Water Purifiers

Perhaps one of the best home water filtration systems for in-line use is a RO water purifier. This is the best water purifier that can be used for an entire house, and it can also be attached in line in order to service specific parts of the house.

RO (Reverse osmosis) is a membrane technical filtration process, which removes many types of big molecules and ions from solutions like water by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. Reverse osmosis (RO) is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from seawater, removing the salt and other substances from the water molecules.

RO water purification process provides us purest form of water at minimal cost and time. RO water purifiers are also easy to maintain and consumes less electricity. According to your needs, you may try a RO water purifier on several different sinks, or perhaps get a larger unit that will take care of the entire home.

2.UV Water Purifiers

Ultraviolet light or UV is at the invisible, violet end of the light spectrum. UV rays in UV water purifier enter the cells of harmful bacteria and viruses in our drinking water and destroy their ability to reproduce. Without this ability, these organisms die and no longer pose a health threat.

UV water purifiers can destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms easily, thus provides us virus and bacteria free water.However, if you are looking for RO+UV water purifiers, then also you have arrived at the right place.

3.Carbon water filter

Perhaps one of the most common home water purification system is a simple carbon water purifier. A carbon water purifier does a good job of cleaning some of the impurities out of the water, but it will leave other impurities intact. That is why many people choose one of these as a secondary, or backup filter to perhaps one of the larger home water filtration systems that is a bit more expensive.

Some of the most common carbon water purifiers are attached directly to the faucet, and clean the water as it is being dispensed. You can also get this type of pure water filter that is installed in line, and these will typically do a better job of cleaning the water than one which is located at the end of the line. If you do decide to go with one of these carbon water purifiers, make sure that you change it on a regular basis in order for it to do an effective job for you continually.

How Unfiltered Water Can Affect You Everyday ?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how much healthier purified water is for you than regular tap water or even bottled water. However, even with all of the advertisements claiming that it’s better for you, tons of people still don’t know the advantages. Below, you can see a few of the ways that unfiltered water can affect you everyday and how purified water will benefit your family and your home.

First and foremost, unfiltered water is extremely bad for your health. You may be wondering, how bad can it really be? Well, tap water may not seem like that much of a danger, but when you really look at what can be in your water without you knowing, it’s pretty scary. There are numerous chemicals, toxins, parasites and more. Even fluoride in drinking water has been shown to have detrimental effects on the human body.

When you drink this water or even shower in it, you are taking these toxins and such into your body, which can have serious affects on your health. Some of the toxins have been linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s and different types of cancer, not to mention less serious effects like digestive disorders and much, much more. The dangers of drinking unfiltered tap water are very serious and not something to be taken lightly.

Of course, your health isn’t the only thing affected by unfiltered water. Your hair and skin can also be affected. You may not realize this, but there is as much or more chlorine in tap water as swimming pools. This can lead to dry skin and other skin irritations. It can also dry out your hair and make hair color fade faster.


As you can see, there are many ways that unfiltered water can affect you. Fortunately, Purchasing a water purifier can reduce these effects significantly.

The best news is that there are tons of different water purifier on the market, varying in price. This means that you can find one no matter what your budget is. Just spend a little time researching your options to find a quality purifier that will fit your needs.

The right water purifier will be the one that seems best to you. Make sure it does a great job of actually filtering out the things you don’t want, keeps the things you do want, and gives you water for pennies per gallon.