Best Dumbbells in India 2017

Staying in Shape and in Good Condition with the Best Dumbbells

Dumbbells are an effective way to work out at home and skip the pricy gym membership while searching for a way to stay in shape. A set can be purchased and used in the home in conjunction with regular cardiovascular activity and a healthy diet to reduce the number on the scale and also increase the metabolism.

Finding the right set can help to reach fitness goals and achieve their best form. So that leaves us with one of the most important and relevant questions of the day: “What should be considered when shopping for the best dumbbells?” To answer this simply, we have broken it down into several easy to understand categories.

Fit is essential. Finding the style of dumbbells that are going to work with the body type, the goals and the sizes that are desired can ensure that a healthy workout is going to be achieved without being too strenuous.

Weight is essential when choosing the best dumbbells. Choosing the right weight for the skill and the level of the workout is going to be essential when working out, to ensure that the person exercising is going to be able to build muscle without excessively straining the muscles, which can lead to injuries.

Many people like to choose their dumbbell set based upon what brand makes it.

The quality tends to be somewhat based off of the brand and price you end up paying for your favorite dumbbell set. Make sure you do all of your research BEFORE making one of the most important purchases of your weight lifting career.

Using the reviews and the tips on our website for choosing the best dumbbells, it can be ensured that not only an effective workout is going to take place, but also that a safe workout is going to be had. Shopping around for them can be a somewhat daunting task, but when you know what you are looking for, it tends to make things a whole lot easier.

Top Dumbbells in india

product weightmaterialratingbuying option
PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells
18.6KGrubber5Buy from Amazon
1KGiron4.3Buy from Amazon
Champion Barbell Solid Hex Dumbbell
20.4KGrubber5Buy from Amazon
Cockatoo Rubber Coated Professional Round dumbbells (Pack of Two)
20KGrubber4.4Buy from Amazon
Cockatoo Rubber coated Professional Hex dumbbells (Pack of Two)

12.5KGrubber4.6Buy from Amazon
Skera Steel Chrome fixed Dumbbell (Pair) [ 1 kg to 25 kg ]
1KG - 25KGsteel4Buy from Amazon
Aurion Turbo5 Steel Dumbell Set, 10Kg (Black)
10KGsteel4.2Buy from Amazon

15KGsolid steel4.2Buy from Amazon
EcoWellness Soft Iron Dumbbell

4KGiron and composite4.2Buy from Amazon

Fat Burning Dumbbell Circuit Training Workout

  •  Sumo Squat
  • Arnold Shoulder Press
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Bent-over RowsSquat & Push
  • Shrugs

Dumbbell Chest Exercises for Strength and Power?

If I can use calisthenics and dumbbells, which TWO of these exercises should I use to buid functional strength in the chest for sports like basketball?

  • Chest Press
  • Elbows-In Chest Press
  • Chest Fly
  • Incline Press
  • Elbows-In Incline Press
  • Weighted Pushups (with weights or backpack)
  • Weighted Pushups putting feet on a chair
  • Chest Dips

Some tips on how to do the exercises would be great too, sepecific things like whether your palms should face each other or straightfoward while doing the chest press.

You should start with two exercises, and then switch every week or two.

  • Chest Press – Tried and true. Great for power, strength, and size. The staple of chest exercises.
  • Elbows-In Chest Press – Works the inner chest, but is more of a tricep workout.
  • Chest Fly – A good finishing chest isolation exercise, as in it targets the chest muscles, and only the chest muscles. Good to pair with chest presses.
  • Incline Press – Targets the upper chest. Good to supplement with the regular chest press.
  • Elbows-In Incline Press – Again, mainly a tricep workout, but works the upper/inner chest as well.
  • Weighted Pushups (with weights or backpack) – Good compound exercise. Works the chest muscles, triceps, shoulders, and partially abs.
  • Weighted Pushups putting feet on a chair – Same as above, except it puts the emphasis on the upper chest and shoulders.
  • Chest Dips – Works the lower chest to some degree, but is mainly a tricep exercise.

To be honest, just pick and choose two, and switch it up every now and then. Pair a chest isolation with a chest press, or chest press with incline/decline, or push ups with flyes. Try to cover the whole chest and full range of motion, and you’ll be set.




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