Best Hair Dryers in India

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When it comes to styling your hair and you want to maintain healthy hair at the same time it is important to find the best hair dryers for you and your hair, there are a multitude of online hair dryer reviews with each one claiming to be the best and value for money adding unnecessary confusion into the equation.

This article will provide you all the essential information you need when it comes to the product selection so you will know exactly what each feature will offer as well as the most reliable makes. This way you will not only be able to select the right hair dryer for your needs but also know the most effective ways to use the product to achieve fantastic results every time. Our hair is a vital fashion feature of our being, so it’s crucial to take every precaution in protecting it from harm.

Why It’s Important To Have The Best Hair Dryer ?

Almost all households have some form of dryer to hand and a large percentage of us use them on a regular basis, the reasons behind having a top quality product is not only about getting a great looking hair style but it’s important to also maintain healthy hair and protect yourself from split ends and other dreaded nightmares.

Low grade, poor quality and badly manufactured products pose a health risk in terms of general safety but will almost guarantee some form of hair damage from inconsistent heat fluctuations or poor temperature control.

As with any product the premium manufacturers will always provide a few brief hair dryer reviews to give a very quick insight into the product. From here buyers can see exactly what the product offers and what they can expect to select the best quality hair dryer on the market.

On top of the information above having the right hair dryer will also save you money over time; this is saved by not having to invest in hair cuts on a regular basis or invest in expensive hair protection products. Behind the hair dryer is a very technical design which is important for your health and safety. Low quality products can burn hair, provide poor results and generally cost the user time in trying to get their hair dry.

What To Research For The Right Hair Dryer Types

There are quite a number of areas to consider when making a purchase, gone are the days where the simple design of switching on and off was the norm. This design has been refined over the past years by professional hair stylists, authorities behind hair care products and manufactures offering different features within each hair dryer.

In order to purchase the perfect hair dryer you will need to consider each of the features on any product as well as any hair dryer reviews, therefore it’s the following that will need to be considered.

The first area to inspect when it comes to making the most suitable purchase is the type of dryer you would like to use; each one comes with its own unique strengths which will be explained.

DC hair dryer

The first type of such products which is the most common in households and as a general rule are the cheapest out of all the makes is the ‘DC hair dryer’ which is a multipurpose / light weight design that gives good all round effect. Due to its light weight frame it can help make the product agile and easier to use. This is the perfect hair dryer for individual users who are trying to dry and style their own hair as opposed to having anyone do it for them.

Diffuser hair dryer

Second is the Diffuser hair dryer which has the features of interchangeable accessories, each of the changeable accessories will allow the user to get different results. For example some accessories will allow for a curly style where as other will help with drying hair quicker and being less damaging to some hair types. This item certainly receives more reviews from professional bodies such as hair dressers but in no way is it out of the realms of any home user.

Salon performance AC hair dryer

Third is the salon performance AC hair dryer which is ideal for hair dressers, professional stylists and enthusiasts. This is the heaviest out of all the product types so it’s important to take this into consideration when factoring in your needs.

This is by far the best hair dryer for anyone looking for quick results and need the highest levels of power and care. The Salon performance type of dryer will also fetch the highest prices as they are the more premium designs of products.

Travel hair dryer

Finally the last make to consider is the travel hair dryer which is designed to be portable and most suitable for users who are regularly travelling or need a product that is portable, sometimes used by hair dressers who travel to client’s houses or general home users who find their small design more manageable.

Features that Needs to be Consider While Buying Hair Dryers ?

Hair dryers are the most important hair styling accessory and can ensure that your styling is perfect and fashionable. In fact hair dryers are meant not just for styling but are also essential for your daily hair care routine.

Since it is such an important accessory that would ultimately decide and make or spoil your look you need to be very particular about the type of hair dryer you purchase and should choose from only the best hair dryers in the market. You may find that all hair dryers are similar and that you can just randomly pick up any.

But it’s not as simple as that. Let’s have a look at what the best hair dryers offer you that an ordinary hair dryer cannot. There are a few basic elements that you need to check out in the hair dryers that would determine whether it would be the best choice or not. They are the warranty, heating element, weight, settings, attachments and wattage.

Heating element

The most important feature of your hair dryer would be its heating element. Heat generated from the hair dryer can be extremely dangerous and can damage your hair permanently. The best hair dryers have a thermal protection that assures that the heat that reaches your hair is not harmful whereas the plastic or metallic heating element in cheaper hair dryers can erode the moisture from the hair making them frizzy and lusterless.


Preferably settle for a hair dryer that has wattage between 1300-2000 watts. Also there should be options of reducing the heat too other than just increasing the speed of the air flow. Try to use the minimum heat required for minimal hair damage. Depending on how frequently you use your dryer you can settle for a lighter one if you use one daily.


The attachments with a hair dryer are of immense significance as it would help you with your styling too. The best hair dryers come with an exquisite assortment of attachments and can make you a stylist.


Also, the warranty is not to be ignored. The best hair dryers would assure you about the quality of the product by offering a longer warranty. Don’t compromise on the quality of your hair dryer as your crowning glory once damaged wont be restored.


This article should have provided a clear insight into how to purchase the best hair dryer for you, each consumers’ needs will be different when it comes to product selection which is why it is important to understand the overall technical terms and meanings.

Another clear indication to the top products is of course the consumer reviews which give a very unbiased view into how the product really performs, while it’s important not to focus directly on this area of the selection process it certainly helps with decision making.