Best Air Coolers in India

Air coolers are the best things in summer, especially for those who don’t want to spend a lot or couldn’t afford an air conditioner. However, selecting a good piece is a task. Here we have listed all the important things that will help you in buying a good air cooler.

About air coolers 

Air coolers are a simple device, which needs electricity to run and are used by people in hot and humid weather. Air coolers are very popular among people, as they are highly affordable as compared to the air conditioners. Not just that, they are very easy to maintain too.

There are a variety of air coolers available in the market and one could select one according to their requirements. For those who could not spend much, but want to get rid of the extreme summer, air coolers could be your ultimate companion.

Best Air Coolers in India – 2019

Here is the list some of the best air coolers in india.

1.Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

In recent years, Symphony has made its place in the market of coolers. This desert cooler coming from this brand is just the one you need. Here are some details about it.


  • Comes with a 70 liters capacity
  • This is the ideal cooler for the room having a size of 370 square feet.
  • With this cooler, there is always a room for cross ventilation in the space.
  • Has a front designed grill
  • The strong designed wheels make the cooler highly portable.
  • The 16-inch fan is very strong and contributes to making this one of the best coolers.


  • 16-inch strong fan
  • Highly portable
  • Designed front grill
  • 70 liters of capacity
  • 1year warranty


  1. There could be some problems in the motor after long usage.

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2.Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White)

If we talk about Bajaj, then one doesn’t need any information related to the company as it is a well established one and has launched products that are way too good. Let us check the details related to this cooler to know more about it.


  1. It gives cooling to a distance of 150 fits.
  2. It comes with a four-way air deflection system, which makes the airflow more consistent.
  3. It is compatible with invertor too, thus you won’t face a problem while power cuts.
  4. It’s four castor wheels make is highly mobile and portable.
  5. It has a capacity of 36 liters.


  1. Highly affordable
  2. Superb designing
  3. Portable and mobile
  4. Air deflection system for consistent airflow


  1. A little bit noisy

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3.Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler (White) – with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology

This cooler again comes from Symphony and is best for those who want everything on point. Let us look at its features in detail to know more about it.


  1. It comes with a multifunctional remote and makes the operation very smooth and effortless.
  2. To make it more convenient, it has a feather touch digital control panel.
  3. Water tank alarm to notify you on time
  4. It has the switch mode power supply which gives you the protection against any fluctuations if caused by the voltage.
  5. System restore function is also there which remembers all the settings that you did previously.
  6. The excess of water drains out very neatly.


  1. Comes with system restore function
  2. Empty water tank alarm
  3. Has a multifunctional remote
  4. Tank capacity of 31 liters
  5. Does not release any CFCs


  1. The remote control needs a little modification.

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4.Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) – For Large Room

This Bajaj desert cooler could be your companion for this summer season in a budget. If you are planning to buy one, you need to check out its features.


  1. The designing and style of this cooler are set on an international standard.
  2.  Contains an icebox for enhanced cooling
  3. It comes with castor wheels, which makes mobility easy.
  4. The material used for making it is thermoplastic, which corrosion free and highly durable.
  5. For longer cooling sessions, it has a continuous water supply system.
  6. Fewer efforts needed for its installation.


  1. Easy mobility due to caster wheels
  2. 67 liters tank capacity
  3. Compatible with inverters
  4. Air deflection for the consistent airflow


  1. Creates noise when in use

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5.Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Personal Air Cooler (White) – with i-Pure Technology

If you are someone who wants to have a cooler just for you and your cozy little room, then this one would be the best pick for you. Go through its features to find out why.


  1. Suitable for small spaces and personal use. Bachelor can go for it.
  2. Comes with a tank capacity of 12 liters
  3. It has honeycomb pads which increase the efficiency of the machine.
  4. Has strong and multi-directional wheels
  5. Air throw distance of this cooler is 30 ft.
  6. This has got blower which makes it capable of powerful air delivery.


  1. Easy mobility
  2. Very efficient
  3. Honeycomb pads installed


  1. Way too small

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6.Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey) 

If you are a family of more than 5 members or you need a cooler for bigger halls, then this is the one you should go for. This desert cooler has everything unique in it.


  1. It is compatible with inverters, thus power cuts won’t be a problem.
  2. Comes with a capacity of 75 liters, which is huge
  3. The ice pad is already installed to pour in the ice cubes for instant cooling.
  4. The material used for making it is corrosion free.
  5. It is easy to maintain and clean.


  1. Always gives a room for cross ventilation
  2. Rust free body
  3. The effective speed control knob
  4. Huge 75 liters capacity


  1. Some modifications needed in movement regulation

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7.Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (White)

This is a personal cooler, but has functioned more than that. If you live with your partner or a friend, then you can give this cooler a try. The features written below will tell you how this cooler is unique and different.


  1. 23 liters tank capacity, which is enough for a personal cooler.
  2. Four-way air deflection system, which makes the flow of air consistent.
  3. Three ways to control the speed for extra convenience.
  4. It comes with castor wheels which are known for its strength and flexibility.
  5. The air throw capacity of this air cooler is 30 feet.
  6. It comes with the honeycomb pads which is known for making the extra cool. It cools the spaces instantly and also traps the cool air inside the cooler.
  7. The ice chamber is also there for inserting ice cubes and thus creating a space cooler.


  1. 23 liters tank capacity
  2. Honeycomb pads for instant cooling, which are easily removable
  3. No noise while in use
  4. 3 ways for controlling the speed


  1. The wheels may cause some problem

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8.Crompton Greaves Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler (White/Maroon)

This is a desert cooler and when we say that the expectations become very high. If you too are expecting your cooler to work as an air conditioner, then go for this. It has all the features that you need.


  1. This is an ideal dessert cooler. Thus, it is made up of a wood wool cooling pad. This cooling pad is designed in such a way that it retains water easily and gives the best cooling performance.
  2. It has got ice chambers also. You can put ice cubes in them. The ice melts and adds to the water, which is already there. It too makes the space cooler than before.
  3. It is compatible with an inverter which means even if the power cuts, it is going to intervene from making your space cool.
  4. The body of this cooler is rust free. Coolers work because of water, but there won’t be any corrosion because of this material.
  5. The surface of the cooler is very smooth. Thus, it is easy to wipe and clean it. This means that the maintenance could be done in fewer efforts.
  6. The cooler has an air throw distance of 45 feet.


  1. 3 different types of speed modes
  2. 4-way air deflection
  3. Thermoplastic is used for making corrosion free body
  4. Wood wool cooling pad system
  5. A capacity of 55 liters


  1. It is very heavy in weight

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9.Symphony Ice Cube 27 Litre Air Cooler (White-Blue) – with i-Pure Technology

This air cooler by symphony provides very powerful cooling because of the presence of high-efficiency honeycomb pads on three sides.

It is the first of its kind cooler in its category. The best feature of Symphony Ice Cube is that it gives a whisper-quiet performance, which makes it produce the lowest level of noise while working.

This ensures that you get a deep and sound sleep whenever you switch on the Symphony Ice Cube. One more added benefit of this cooler is that it also runs on inverter power as it runs on the operating cost of a fan.


  1. It has a powerful fan with a 3 – speed motor.
  2. The three side honeycomb cooling pads, make sure that you get enhanced cooling.
  3. It comes with dura pump technology due to which the life of the pump is increased.
  4. The cool flow dispenser in this cooler provides channelized water distribution for superior cooling.
  5. This cooler also has an automatic vertical swing, which makes sure that airflow is equally distributed.
  6. It also produces very low noise due to the whisper-quiet performance.
  7. It has got extra strong wheels for the easy transportation of the cooler.


  1. Fully closable louvers
  2. Strong castor wheels
  3. Cool flow dispenser
  4. Runs on inverter power
  5. Large tank capacity of 27 liters
  6. Multistage air purification system with filters for dust, smell, allergy, bacteria, and wash.
  7. Whisper quiet performance
  8. Automatic vertical swings


  1. Produces cooling just for one to two people.

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10.Crompton Greaves Ozone 55 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler (White/Maroon)

This cooler is the best choice for places where the climate is hot and dry. It is a desert cooler so it’s designed for that type of weather. It also has a large water storage capacity which ensures that you do not need to fill the cooler at regular intervals.


  1. This desert cooler has a capacity of 55 Litres.
  2. This cooler has dimensions of 61 cm x 40.5 cm x 110 cm (L x B x H).
  3. It has effective honeycomb cooling pads.
  4. The package includes an air cooler and a motorize louver movement.


  1. It has an air delivery speed of 4200-meter cube per hour.
  2. Motor overload protector
  3. Four-way air deflection
  4. Airspeed control
  5. Air drain plug for easy cleaning
  6. Castor wheels for easy mobility
  7. Motorise louver movement.
  8. Rust free and easy to wipe and clean.


  1. Produces too much sound.

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Types of coolers

To buy a cooler, you first need to know about its type. The three basic air coolers are listed below with their details.

1.Personal coolers 

The first type of cooler that we are going to mention here is the personal cooler. These coolers are meant for personal or individual use only. They couldn’t cool large spaces. If it is a house of one or two people, it will work fine.

The tank capacity of this cooler starts from 12 liters and goes up to 30 liters. This cooler is perfect for bachelors or those having little space in their homes.

2.Desert cooler 

People living in dry and hot areas should opt for this cooler without thinking twice about it. It is the ideal cooler for weather like this and also for cooling big spaces.

It comes with a tank capacity of 60-70 kgs. Now, if one needs a cooler to run for longer hours, this would be the best choice for that. It even works perfectly outside the house.

3.Window coolers 

As the name of this cooler suggests, this could be installed on the window. If there is a problem in installation, one can even use the wheels and use it as a portable cooler.

These types of coolers are very compact and known for their efficiency. These come with a tank capacity of 50 liters. It could also be used at any office or small space like that.

How to buy air coolers?

Buying an air cooler is not that tough, but if you are buying it for the first time, then it could be a little tricky for you. So, for those who don’t know how to buy an air cooler, here is a list of things you should keep in your mind while buying it.

 1.Ice cube tray 

We won’t say ice cube tray is a must in any air cooler, but if you are getting one, you should grab it. It is an easy way to make your room cooler.

You just need to put the tray full of ice on the front door of the cooler. The ice will melt with time and will add water to the tank. Hence, will make the room cool.

2.Speed control knob 

The second important thing that should be there in an ideal air cooler is the variable speed control knobs. One doesn’t want to sit at the same temperature every time.

The weather changes too don’t allow us to do so. Now, to make the cooler’s air compatible with the atmosphere, the speed control knob is very important.

3.Compatibility with inverters 

Power cuts don’t come with power information, but one has to be prepared for them. For the situations formed in after power cut, we have got inverters.

If you going to buy an air cooler, you should go with the one which is compatible with the inverters. These coolers will work in the power cuts also.

4.Water level indicator 

This is by far the most important point to look for. We all know that coolers work on water, but there is a limit of filling water into it. Though every cooler comes with a water level indicator, you should go with the very precise one.

5.Strong wheels

The air coolers are known for their portability. If they are not portable enough, there is no point in buying them.

Now, while you are going to buy a new cooler for yourself, go for the one which has strong wheels. This will make the cooler portable and mobile.

6.Remote control feature 

This feature might sound new, but this is for real. This one specification could not be found in every air cooler, but there are coolers in the market with it.

The remote will help you in changing the different modes of the cooler. You don’t need to go every time you want to do changes in the cooler features. So, opt for this feature.

7.Alarm when the tank is empty 

This is the new trend in the cooler market. The water level indicator is not enough and coolers come with an alarm. This alarm will tell you when the tank is empty.


This again is a very obvious thing. All the features that we have mentioned are very important, but even if you find all of these and the cooler is not in your budget, it’s of no use. So, always try to go for an option that fits in your budget.


Another important thing to keep a note of while buying a cooler for your home is the size of the cooler. If the size is not accurate than the performance of the cooler won’t be good.

To know the perfect size of your cooler, you should first measure the corner of your house where you will place that.

This will give you an idea as to which cooler size is suitable for you. After that ask your dealer to show you the coolers of that size only.

Advantages of air cooler

Here are all the advantages that an air cooler has and once you will buy them will feel.

1.They are highly cost-effective. A clear example of this is that you can buy an air cooler within 700 and we say that we mean a good air cooler.

While you want to buy an air conditioner, you will have to invest at least 30,000 rupees and then only you can get a good deal. It could not work as an air conditioner, but still, the purpose is served.

2.It is eco-friendly. The major climatic changes the world is witnessing right now needs attention. We should be aware of it and should invest in eco-friendly things.

Now, at this point air coolers are the best. While air conditioners are bound to create harm to the environment by heating its compressor, air coolers just need a little electricity.

3.Having talked about the power and electricity in the previous point, it is time to talk about the power consumption by the air coolers.

They consume the least possible energy. It saves electricity and electricity bills. They are so light on the power that they could be easily operated on invertors also.

4.For large spaces, a singleton air conditioner won’t be enough. To fulfill the requirement and to make the entire hall cool, you can easily opt for a good desert cooler.

The desert cooler will not only make the whole space cool, but will also come in budget. To buy a 2-ton air conditioner, you will have to pay 60,000, whereas for the cooler you don’t even need to pay half of it.

5.The air that you get from the air conditioner is produced by the machine, while the air cooler provides you the natural air. If one has to at this aspect, then also air coolers are better.

6.Air coolers are very portable. If one wants to take it from one room to another, it could be easily taken. In the long run, also, it is very helpful. For example, if one wants to shift from one place to another, they can easily take the cooler with them.

The air conditioners need installation and if you want them to take with you, you will have to remove the whole installation and then will have to install it again. This is a huge task to do.


All the points mentioned here are important for those who want to buy an air cooler. Even if you are buying it for the first time, you won’t have to face any problem, if you go through all the points thoroughly. This will act as a guide for you.