Best Adjustable Dumbbells In india 2017

Adjustable Dumbbells are a great way to get a good workout in, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to store multiple dumbbell sets. But it is important to take the time to make sure that you get the right adjustable dumbbell set to accomplish your workout goals. There are a decent amount of adjustable dumbbell sets on the market and not all will get you what you are looking for. I created this website to share which adjustable dumbbell sets are built sturdy, comfortable, easy to use, don’t take up much space, and which ones aren’t.

All of the adjustable dumbbells reviews are based on research that I accumulated from various trusted sources online and offline

The main points that I am looking for in my adjustable dumbbells reviews are:

  • Are they compact and durable
  • Are you able to make quick weight changes with only a limited time between exercises
  • Do they have comfortable hand grips
  • Will they help you build strength and loose weight
  • Do they have a good locking mechanism and a sturdy storage base
  • Do they come with easy to understand documentation
  • Are they space efficient and good for small spaces such as apartment living
  • No shaking or movement of the plates while you are using them

Best Selling Adjustable Dumbbells in india 2017

productweightMaterialratingbuying option
Kore DM-20KG COMBO16 Dumbbells Kit
20KGpure rubber4Buy from Amazon
Bodyfit Home Gym Adjustable Dumbells - 10 Kg

10KGCoated Weight Plates4.1Buy from Amazon
Bfit 10Kg Home Gym Weight Lifting Adjustable Dumbell Set
10KGother5Buy from Amazon
Body Maxx 24 Kg PVC Dumbells Sets BM-Combo-20

24KGIron & Pvc Vinyal4.9Buy from Amazon
RMC Unisex Cast Iron Adjustable plates Dumbell 15Kg (15 kg Cast iron plates +1 pair dumbel rod + free gloves +free skiping rope + 1 pc hand grip)

15KGCast iron plates4.7Buy from Amazon

Kore K-PVC 20kg Combo 16 Leather Home Gym and Fitness Kit

20KGleather4Buy from Amazon
Protoner 16 Kg PVC Dumbells Sets, PVC Plates + Dumbells
16KGpvc4.3Buy from Amazon
Protoner 8 Kg PVC Dumbells Sets, PVC Plates + Dumbells Rods
8KGpvc4.3Buy from Amazon
Bodyfit Home Gym Adjustable Dumbells 20 Kg

20KGCoated Weight Plates4Buy from Amazon
Beacon International Rubber Dumbells Sets 20 Kg , Rubber Weight Plates, Dumbbell Rods, Gym Gloves
20KGrubber4.1Buy from Amazon
Generic Home Gym Combo, 20Kg
20kGpvc4.5Buy from Amazon
Kore Dm-14Kg Dumbbells Kit(Combo16)
14KGpvc4.3Buy from Amazon
Protoner 25 Kg PVC Dumbells Sets, PVC Plates + Dumbells Rods

25KGpvc4.3Buy from Amazon

Benefits of Using Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Health and fitness are significant aspects in a person’s life. An individual in good physical shape is more likely to have an improved standard of living because of a better capacity to work and do more relevant activities in life. Exercising is an effective way to stay fit and dumbbells are basic useful tools in achieving a sound body. Dumbbells are small versions of a barbell which are lightweight, weighing around five pounds or less. Although barbells are popular gym equipment, dumbbells were created to complement many fitness activities because weight lifting is an important aspect in losing weight and developing muscle areas without the bulk and the heaviness of large equipment.The Best Adjustable dumbbells are those that are featured throughout the site.

Adjustable dumbbells are cleverly used in strength training or for upper body exercises like arm raises, bicep curls and chest presses and integrated in work outs like aerobics to weight training where lunges and squats are performed . Various individuals with different fitness objectives use this simple type of equipment to achieve a healthy physique. Its affordability compared to other fitness equipment makes it an inexpensive method to put up a home gym. In addition, it is easy to store and does not take up much space which makes it very convenient to have at home or in the office for quick work outs. In fitness centers, exercise enthusiasts use the best adjustable dumbbells for a complete workout; amateur and advanced weight lifters also make use of it to target certain muscles.

Regular dumbbells work great but for serious weight trainers, adjustable dumbbells are a wonderful alternative. Individuals can add weight or decrease the weight according to preference. These are indeed helpful in building lean muscle and strengthening bones. Furthermore, balance is improved, reducing the probability of falling among adults. A user-friendly equipment, adjustable dumbbells can be used by almost anyone. In the house, home dwellers can pick up the best adjustable dumbbells and exercise by following a printed diagram or watch a work out video applying natural movements. Its versatility makes it ever present in other training activities like boxing, dancing and more. Due to the general advantages of using the best adjustable dumbbells, it is not surprising to learn that there are certain health benefits greatly enhanced by incorporating the use of dumbbells in fitness activities.

When using dumbbells in exercising, people usually build muscle.

Improving muscle mass is a great way of reducing more calories. Adjustable dumbbells allow people to exercise each side of the body separately. In muscle building, barbells are used; however, people tend to rely on their major muscles while dumbbells isolate particular arm muscles. To tone body mass or enhance muscles, using the best adjustable dumbbells appropriate for a person will greatly help.

Not only do dumbbells aid in building muscle, they also help in muscle endurance. When exercising, sports players can make use of adjustable dumbbells so they can decrease the weight and do several repetitions. Such workout enhances muscle fortitude and benefits athletes who develop the capability to utilize their muscles for a long period of time especially when they compete in sports contests.

It is common knowledge that using dumbbells aid in muscle building but it is also highly effective in helping people lose weight. When using adjustable dumbbells in aerobic exercise, fats are burned and muscles toned which translates into decreased weight which in turn lowers people’s risks in contracting various illnesses like high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

Enhanced cardio vascular health is another benefit of making use of dumbbells. To improve cardio stamina, adjustable dumbbells come in handy because weight can be modified from heavy to light which will assist in increasing the heart rate. Coronary heart disease and other heart ailments can be avoided when one exercises with dumbbells.

Furthermore, the quality of bones are also enhanced which reduces risk of fracture. The elderly can benefit greatly by using dumbbells in their daily exercise which will improve bone density. What’s great about dumbbells for senior citizens is that they can do it sitting or while lying which is less stressful and tiring for them. The best adjustable dumbbells are ideal as they can add or decrease the weight to their capacity. For the younger generation, lower back pain can be eliminated when incorporating dumbbells in their fitness activities.

Although some people may argue that there are more practical alternatives to dumbbells like water bottles or milk jugs, it cannot be denied that dumbbells were created specifically for weight training and exercise. Household items might cause injury as they were not designed for exercising. In addition, dumbbells are durable equipment made for heavy duty use and lasts a lifetime especially when cared for properly. Furthermore, dumbbells are utilized in a proper way; wrists must be straight and stiff in order to avoid an ailment like tendinitis. With the use of found items around the house, there is no guarantee that proper handling is done because the household things are not made for exercising.

Having a few dumbbells at home can bring about wonderful benefits in the comfort of one’s home. Doing simple repetitive exercises can definitely make an individual fit and fabulous. In the morning before doing errands and other household chores, grabbing dumbbells and doing several lunges and squats after working the upper body will aid in losing weight and toning the muscles. Through the convenience of the dumbbells size, workers can do some arm raises and bicep curls after a quick lunch or during short afternoon breaks. Dumbbells are certainly exercise equipment that can be used anywhere at any time.